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January 26 2012


Hansi Cross - guitars, keboards, lead and harmony vocals, percussion
Lollo Andersson - basses, taurus
Tomas Hjort - drums, percussion
Jock Millgardh - lead and harmony vocals
Mats Bender - keyboards
Hannah Sundkvist - electric violins
Stefan Damicolas - harmony vocals
Lizette von Panajott - processed female voice
Sabina Cross - additional violin

Track list:
1 Human resolution (9:02)
2 Remembrance (1:10)
3 Falling beyond (11:08)
4 Racing spirits (4:33)
5 Waking up (17:28)
6 Now *bonus track*(10:02)

For artistic reasons there is a 30 second silence before the bonus track.

Produced by Hansi Cross
Mixed by Hansi Cross and Kent Kroon
Artwork and layout Tonny Larsen and Artur Kent
Mastered by Hoffe Stannow

Click the below title to watch a video with a slightly shorter version of the opening track.

June 29 2011


Recording of yet another Cross album has started.

The band consists of the three, since year 2000, permanent members:
Hansi Cross - guitars, keyboards and vocals
Lollo Andersson - basses and taurus
Tomas Hjort - drums

There will be a couple of fine musicians guesting.
This far there have been contributions from Mats Bender of Introitus who have
put down a couple of fine synth solos and Stefan Damicolas of Brother Ape who
have recorded some harmony vocals.

More news will be added as the recordings proceeds.

[Dec. 13 2009]


Click the below link to read a copy of it.

[Dec. 3 2009]


[Nov. 2 2009]


(The opening track)

(Only available on the limited 2CD version)

[Oct. 9 2009]


The Thrill of nothingness has now been mastered and finalized by Hoffe Stannow at Cosmos Mastering, Stockholm and will be sent to the manufacturors next week.

1 Universe inside 7:44
2 Animation 4:47
3 Innocence 11:46
4 Hope 4:20
5 Chameleons 9:01
6 Magnifico Giganticus 5:00
7 Eternity 12:20

The bonus CD on the limited 2CD edition contains:
1 Love 0:43
2 Superstition 3:51
3 Bläckfisken 8:47
4 Nothing, yet something 0:15
5 Shake your enslaver 7:36
6 Flumination 1:05
7 Rhiannian daëy 19:37

Official release date is November 10, 2009.
A free track can be found here soon.

[Sep. 28 2009]


Since last news update the songs Eternity and Bläckfisken (the one that had the working title HG3) has been mixed and finished...and not only that. Lollo was over at the studio and while he was there he fooled around a bit with the bass resulting in a little pice named Flumination and some more vocals was added into the 15 seconds á capella song Nothing, yet something. Hansi also have added some more guitars into the track named Innocence.

The album(s) will be mastered some time next week and The Thrill of nothingness will finally see the day of light in first half of November. Exact release date and track list will be posted here as soon as a decision is taken.

[Aug. 30 2009]


Shake your enslaver is now mixed and finished and the work with finishing the next track starts tomorrow.

[Aug. 23 2009]


Additional keyboards and a guitar solo are now added into Shake yor enslaver and Hansi has started mixing it.

All vocals are put down on the track named Eternity. This one will also inlude a couple of guests. Tomas Bodin (The Flower Kings/Eggs and Dogs) has added a moog solo and Kent Kroon (Friendship Time/Solo) will put down an acoustic guitar melody in the next couple of days.
It also lacks som bass parts.

Some keyboards and guitars have been added to another track, with the working title "HG3" (it was the third song Hansi and Göran wrote together). This one will be worked on some more after that Shake your enslaver and Eternity is mixed and finished.

[Jul. 20 2009]


Lyrics are now written and vocals recorded for what will be the ending track on the original album. The title is not decided yet but it might end up named "For eternity".
Some additional vocals of a track named Shake yor enslaver have been recorded and an alternate take will be put down in the next couple of days.

Hansi found a very short á capella track named Nothing, yet something and finished this one as well. So the limited 2CD version will contain 13 tracks, not 12 as announced.

[Jun. 16 2009]


The long bonus track has now some vocals added to it and is mixed and finshed and is give a title - Rhiannian Daëy. Also the 5 minute instrumental track Magnifico Giganticus is now completed. Three songs left to go. All three of them still lacks vocals. Hansi says: "To record vocals requires using headphones so it will most probably take some time as I intend to only let the ears work for short periods and take breaks between to give them a rest. My intentions also is on doing what I can to obtain further improvement with the hearing situation. I also must do some vocal training as I haven't sung in over 2 years (except for the short vocal performance on Rhiannan Daëy). Expect at least a month, maybe more than that, before any more news to appear about the recordings".

[May. 6 2009]


A seventh track, I give life, is now mixed and finished.
Apart from that there has been some guitars and keyboards added to the rest of the unfinished songs. These includes 1 instrumental 5 minute track named Magnifico Giganticus and 3 tracks which is about 8-10 minutes long. Vocals are to be recorded on these (and lyrics to be finished on 2 of them) and a 18 minute kind of ambient thing (which will be on the bonus CD) is to be mixed. Hansi says: "I must have a listen to this one and see if it's a good idea to add some vocals to this atmospheric piece. If so, it will be done next week and then it goes into mixing mode. For those who find it of interest I can tell that my hearing is now definitly, at least, 80% recovered".

[Feb. 4 2009]


A fourth track is now mixed and finished.
Hansi has listened to the mixes that was done in early 2007 and found that 2 of these was very good. In total, 6 tracks are now totally finished.

Now the time has come to start adding the guitar parts that is still missing on the not yet finished tracks.

Hansi's hearing is still improving. He know estimates the improvents to 75 - 80%.

[Dec. 28 2008]


Three tracks are now mixed and ready. Hansi decided that it was a good time to bring in his old friend Kent Kroon to share the mixing duties. Hansi says:

“I have now mixed every Cross album more or less by myself since 1990 and felt that it would be nice to have an “extra couple of ears” this time. I’ve known Kent for more than 20 years and am aware of what an excellent mixing engineer he is (and a brilliant guitarist as well). Working together with him has added a slightly different sound, which feels very good, very inspiring. Combining our different views sometimes create a new idea. I’m very pleased with these, the first three mixed and ready tracks. The entire album will be finished this way, by me and Kent.

In early January I will leave Stockholm for a week to receive some extra laser treatment. My hearing is in a very much better condition now compared to summer 2007 but…I’m heading for perfection. I have used my small home treatment device for almost 18 months now with fine results but, now it’s time to go to a professional clinic to have a 5 day intensive treatment with 6 times stronger laser light. The immediate effect will most probably be that I will experience a little bit louder tinnitus and maybe some sound sensitiveness for 1-3 weeks after the treatment before it starts to get better again. So, I will not work on the album during January. I hope then that the regeneration will speed up and that things will get more and more back to normal and that I will be able to work more than 1 hour at each studio session. I still think it is reasonable that we can have “The Thrill of Nothingness” out in late summer or early fall 2009. I wish to express my gratitude to Dr Wilden, who developed the laser treatment for hearing loss, tinnitus etc. This man is a genius. For awhile I thought that my musical life was over and that the new album never would be finished. Considering that I have been heavily into music since I was 5 years old, it would have been no less than a catastrophe, but thanks to Dr Wilden’s method my hearing condition is now about 75% better and still improving.”

The Cross camp wishes all our fans a brilliant, successful 2009!

[Oct. 30 2008]

A MESSAGE FROM HANSI - About hearing problems and the new album

Dearest friends, fans and fellow proggers,

Every now and then I receive questions about what happened to the new Cross album that was meant to be released on May 28, 2007. I get e-mails, from fans and others, wondering if my condition has improved. Here is some background:

In early April I was working hard finishing the album that was set to be released in late May, 2007. To make things even better we had recently bought a new mixing consol and everything was quite hectic. At one point I experienced that sounds started to sound a bit distorted. I figured that it might be something wrong with the new mixing consol. I asked others, people like my friend Kent Kroon - who also, like me, is both a musician as well as sound technician - what he thought about the sound. He thought it sounded just great. No one could hear the “distorted cymbal sound” I was talking about.

To make a long story short:
I went to the doctor, had a hearing test performed which showed a hearing loss in the higher frequencies. “If you are lucky things will be ok again within three weeks, if not you must learn to live with it” was the info I received. Three weeks later things were even worse. I was extremely sensitive to sounds and one evening a tone appeared inside my head. I now had tinnitus!

The doctor said that it was nothing they could do about it and offered me psychiatric drugs “if you feel depressed about it”. My answer was “No thanks.”.

During the following two months I did everything I could to find some kind of cure. The condition got worse. There was absolutely now way I could work on the album or listen to any music at all. In fact, everyone in my surrounding had to talk very quiet and even quiet sounds were rather painful. And the tinnitus sounds was very loud 24/7. I was afraid that my life was more or less over but, I had not given up yet.
One day I found what seemed to be a solution.
Low Level Laser Therapy by Dr Wilden.
Later next year, when I have finished the treatment, I will publish a longer description about what I have experienced. For now I just let you know that the condition is much improved and, for those who are interested to know more about the treatment, here is the URL: .

So, one could say that I had a pretty rough period in my life (the understatement of the year) but…the good news is that the condition has now improved enough to allow me to start work with music again. Only for shorter periods up to 1 hour at a time and only working with low volume this far. Yet, to me this is pure joy!

At this moment I have finished the first track for the forthcoming album (and I am very pleased with it) and number two will be finished soon as well. Most of the music is recorded so I will continue to finalize the tracks I can.
Some of them still miss vocals and/or some guitar parts.
These must wait until the condition is even better - the treatment is for about two years - before I can record the last parts as it requires wearing headphones.So, at this point I feel pretty sure that we will have the new album named “The Thrill of Nothingness” out during summer/fall 2009.


[Apr. 20 2007]
The forthcoming album "The Thrill of Nothingness" is once again postponed.
The reason is that band leader Hansi Cross suffers from a sudden impairment of hearing. At this point the doctors can not tell if it will become better, or if it is a permanent condition.

[Feb. 28 2007]

Things have taken more time than expected with the new album.
The main reason is that the band keep on getting more and more ideas while recording, and want to check these out. But, now they have decided not to incorporate any more material and will instead focus on finishing the recordings and have the album mixed as soon as possible.

Hansi says: "We now have about 77 minutes of music we are pleased with. In order to release it in the most enjoyable form with a certain flow, we have decided to make the original album about 50 plus minutes long. There will also be a limited edition 2-CD version of the album released. This one contains also a 25-minute EP. It would be possible to squeeze it all in on one CD but, artistically, we feel that this is not the best way to listen to it as it would become too long and very difficult to create a nice album flow"

The release date for "The Thrill of nothingness" is set to May 28.

[Jan. 4 2007]

The band has decided to finish all the composed material instead of choosing to focus on around 65% of the songs. So, there might be that the new album will not be out in February. Here's some info from Hansi:

"There have been som changes in our plans for the new album. Initially we, this time, wanted to do an album without any guest musicians. We have now decided to make quite a long album and we felt that it would be nice to broaden the sound a bit, especially regarding the vocals. What we have done so far towards that is that Bruno Edling (of Violent Silence) visited the Progress Studio, where he sang the choruses on a track named Universe Inside. We were all very pleased with the result (Thanks Bruno. You are brilliant!) and decided to try out some more of the same. So, at this point we are not sure about what the end result will be and want to take the extra time needed to test some new ideas. This means that there is only a small chance that the album will be released in February as intended. And, by the way, we have decided that the working title will also be the real one. The new album is named The Thrill Of Nothingness."

[Nov. 3 2006]


There has not being any updates for a while, but here is a message from Hansi:

Dearest friends!

We headed for a october release but that is obviously not going to happen.
For a while we did not have a good flow on writing lyrics, but that is now passed and things are really getting on fine. Lyrics for two of the songs are now finished and some is done for a couple of more tracks.

Except for bass takes on most songs there is mainly the vocals and a couple of solos left to do before the album goes into mixing mode.

At this point there is no reason that the new album should not be out in late February (as our label plans).



[Aug. 7 2006]


Tomas arrived on August 1 and the recording of the new album started on Aug 2.
All drums have been recorded as well as some bass takes and backup keys, guitars and "wordless" vocals (no lyrics have been written yet). The band has more material than needed for a full album but decided to record all of it and later choose which one's will make up the final album.

The plans for an October release have been changed.
New expected release date is February 2007.

[Jul. 2 2006]


All basic tracks are now written and demoversions have been sent to Tomas over in L.A. for him to rehearse. Recording of the new album will start on August 1.

[Jun. 18 2006]

Confirmed is now that Tomas will come to Stockholm on August, 1 and drum recordings will start on August, 2. Next week Hansi will finalize the new Brother Ape album, which he has co-produced with the band, and then he will start to completing the two not yet ready Cross compositions so that these can be sent to the States for Tomas to rehearse.

[May. 28 2006]


Hansi has been working out some more guitar arrangements and during the last four days Göran has been at Progress Studio and has put down new keyboards on six songs. Pre-production for the forthcoming album is almost finished.

[April. 20 2006]


First of all: There has not been any udates for awhile due to plenty of work and also because the CROSS website has now moved to a new, faster server.

So, what has been done during the latest months?
On January 9 Hansi started to record and co-produce the debut album from swedish rockers GRAINMAN and was quite occupied with this until the end of March. On the very same day as that was over Göran came to the studio to start working with an idea for a composition before leaving Stockholm for a visit in the north for a couple of days visit at Göran Fors place to work on some music for a different project (more about that one later).

Hansi made some special mixes on Cross songs and had them sent to the states for Tomas' rehearsals. Lollo will also get a copy any day now. Hansi has also tested out some vocal lines and guitar arrangements. He says:
"I'm soo pleased with what we have written this far and I can't wait to start the recordings! I'm definitly in a state of excitement right now."

[Feb. 6 2006]


Too say that Hansi is a bit busy right now is probably the understatement of the year. Since three weeks he has taken a break from mixing and co-producing the new Brother Ape album, to record, mix and co-produce the debut album from the swedish heavy indierock band GRAINMAN. Estimated time to finish the album is another three weeks. He, of course, is also continuing the work with the forth-coming Cross and Spektrum albums, and doing his best too keep things on track regarding his work at Progress Records, which has been going steadily up, up, up during the last year. So, for all of you eagerly waiting for new albums from Cross and Spektrum have to wait until something like September - October this year.

[Oct. 20 2005]

"Hi! Thing's have been rather hectic lately. I have been involved in the the final steps of finishing the new Violent Silence album. Besides of that I am now involved as co-producer for the forthcoming Brother Ape album, working pretty hard at our record label as well as recording some bits and pieces ands composing vocal lines for some Cross songs. It's a pure joy to work with the new songs. One can clearly feel the potential every time something new is added and I am really excited about starting to record together with the other guys in the band."

[Oct. 4 2005]

Today Hansi did some pre-mastering for the forthcoming Violent Silence album.
He says: "Look out for this one. It's a killer!"

[Oct. 3 2005]

Tomas has been visiting Sweden and together with the band laying out some plans for the forthcoming recordings. He also has started to come up with some lyrical ideas for the next Cross album which at the moment has been given the working title "The Thrill Of Nothingness".

More Cross material has been composed.

Hansi and Göran also recorded drums on four tracks for the next Spektrum
( album.

[July. 4 2005]

The gig with Krakel Spektakel was nice and the audience was pleased. Both Hansi and Göran enjoyed rehearsing and playing with the other guys, but also feel that it will be fun starting to work with Cross material again. Hansi says: "It was definitly very nice and stimulating to be on stage again. Meeting the audience creates musical energy that I can take with me in to the studio. And also playing with some musicians from other bands is a different kind of kick and now it feels like even more fun to start working with Cross again! " And Göran fills in: "First gig with a new or different line-up is always both interesting and in some ways also a bit scary since you don’t know exactly how the others will act or play during a live set. In the end it all went fine and we were pleased both with ourselves and the audience. Nice to have played my first gig with Hansi since we will hopefully soon will be doing some gigs with Cross”

[June. 28 2005]

As you noticed there has not been much said about Lollo for a while in these news updates, and here is why. The reason is that he recently became a proud father for the first time! And of course he want to give some extra time and engagement to this happy event. He will be back in the studio after the summer to get involved
in the new material. As written earlier Hansi and Göran has left some empty spaces here and there in the songs where they feel Lollo is the right guy to contribute to the compositions.

[June. 21 2005]

ProgRock Records have now started to take orders for the US release of "Playgrounds"and it will be released any day now. Orders can be placed at:

[June. 2 2005]

Click the link below to listen to a previously unreleased track.
This is Cross' version of "Empty barrels rattle the most" (the original Grand Stand version can be heard on their album "Tricks of time"). Cross' version was recorded during rehearsals for the CROSS LIVE 2002 TOUR. As Tomas was stuck in N.Y. at the time the band had a replacement drummer, a guy you might be familiar with by now.
CROSS LIVE 2002 line-up:
HANSI CROSS - guitar, vocals
OLOV ANDERSSON - keyboards
LOLLO ANDERSSON - bass, backing vocals

To save the track right-click on the link and choose "save target as".

CROSS - Empty barrels rattle the most (Live at Progress Studio, April 2002)
(13MB, 9:31 min)

[June. 1 2005]

This is the project mentioned in the previous news update.

Hansi and Göran (this time as the drummer) will perform together with
other rather well known guys under the band name KRAKEL SPEKTAKEL.
First gig will be as support act for THE WATCH (from Italy) at Tantogården, Stockholm on Friday July 1. The concert is arranged by Progress Club.
The band will perform songs from CROSS, GALLEON and GRAND STAND.
HANSI CROSS - guitar & vocals, GÖRAN FORS - bass & vocals

[May. 14 2005]

About an hour of basic Cross material is finished.
Hansi and Göran will now take a break from composing Cross songs to focus on another project. News about this will be found on these pages soon. Meanwhile, some of the songs will be sent to Tomas in the US for him to start working with the lyrics.

Hansi says:
"There's been lots of fun writing together with Göran. His style is not too far from mine, but different enough to add a slightly new feeling within the range of what we call the crossish style. We have also left some empty space here and there, where we feel that Lollo can contribute to the compositions.
I find this new situation, with Göran as a full member, very stimulating!".

[May. 10 2005]

ProgRock Records will soon release "Playgrounds" for the US market.
Street date info will be found here later.

[May. 6 2005]

Two more basic tracks are now finished.

[Apr. 22 2005]

Five compositions have now reached the level "Finished Basic Tracks".
All in all about 38 minutes of basic Cross songs.

[Apr. 20 2005]

"Playgrounds" is know obtainable as downloads at
Mindawn. One can download either the entire album or separate songs. "Playgrounds" is the first in a serie of Progress Records releases that will be sold through these channels.

[Mar. 22 2005]

The work with composing new material are going very fine. Two "skeletons" have been created which are ready enough to be sent to Tomas, in the US, so that he can start out with the lyrics. Both songs are approximately 10 minutes.
Basic ideas for 3 more pieces are in the tube....

[Feb. 20 2005]

Hansi and Göran have written some fine music together during the last two weeks.
"We are writing stuff that seems to fit both Cross and Spektrum. So, at this early point, we do not decide what to do with it. We just compose and have fun." says Hansi.

[Jan. 19 2005]


There has been a slight change in the Cross line-up. It seems like we will see guest keyman Olov Andersson less in the future. Cross has been looking to find a permanent keyboard player to join the band and Olov's main focus is, understandably, on his own band Grand Stand. Cross and Olov has a great working relationship and are the best of friends, but sometimes goals don't align. That's life.

So what to do for Hansi and the boys?

In the pursuit of a permanent keyboardist, Cross was faced with the challenge of not only finding a member, but someone who could take Hansi's melodies and deliver them with the kind of "pow" that has become Olov's trademark. It would be a plus if the new guy also could bring some of his own creativeness to the table.. Basically and in short, how do you fill the void after someone like big Andersson? Not easy. Where do you begin to look?
Well, how about right in front of your nose?
Remember Göran Johnsson, the former bass playing vocalist from Grand Stand who turned up as the fine drummer of Spektrum and who quest appeared, playing percusision and singing harmony vocals on "Playgrounds" ?
Guess what. He also plays keyboards really well!

The band welcomes this great guy and stellar musician as a member of Cross and look forward to his contributions to Cross' musical world.

[Jan. 16 2005]

Cross now has a new keyboard player - Göran Johnsson!

The band thanks Olov Andersson for contributing as a semi-member during the recordings of the two latest albums, "Secrets" and "Playgrounds", and now welcomes Göran Johnsson as the permanent keyboardist of Cross.
More about it coming soon.

[Dec. 28 2004]

During the last two months Hansi has been very busy with building the new Progress Studio which will be finished and ready for some test recordings in early January 2005. Hansi says "I'm really looking forward to be able to write some new music. I haven't even touched the guitar since finishing "Playgrounds" and I've got plenty of ideas for new material and intend to immediatly start composing for the next Cross album (it will not be another four years until the next one is out). I will also write some material for another project (more about that one later) and maybe also a new Spektrum album".

[Sep. 26 2004]

Reviews are now dropping in and can be found in the Reviews section.

[Sep. 20 2004]

Playgrounds is now CD Of The Month at Proggies and Carllyssi Music.

[Sep. 16 2004]

No reviews yet but E-mails have been dropping in from listeners.
Some quotes:
"Cross are the future of progressive music"
"Today I've listened to Playgrounds 6 times and it gets better each time!"
"Playgrounds is constantly in my CD player. Even better than Secrets"

[Aug. 30 2004]

Playgrounds is released today.
The pre-order quantaties has exceeded all previous
albums released on Progress Records.

[Aug. 16 2004]

Playgrounds is now finished!

1 Let the play begin 7,37
2 Dejà Vù 4,36
3 A new beginning 10,10
4 The Battle of Thalÿma 5,31
5 ...and enter the game 9,44
6 Fjärilshonung 0,51
7 Mesmerizing enterprize 15,20

Release date 30/8.

[Aug. 11 2004]

Bits and pieces are recorded and added into the songs on a daily basis
right now and completion is very near. The album will be mastered by
Hoffe Stannow at Cosmos Mastering on friday 13/8.

[Aug. 4 2004]

It has been busy days for Hansi lately as he and his family moved to a
new house, but there have been some activities at the Progress Studio.
All instrumentation, lead vocals etc etc are now recorded and two different
mixes are completed of "Mesmerizing Enterprize. The second one is
very good and will have some percussion and some background vocals added
to it and then it's ready.
Ten acoustic guitars have been recorded as the basis for the 55 seconds
track "Fjärilshonung". In the next couple of days Lollo will add some bass
notes and Olov some synthesizer before having this one mixed.
The work on the booklet has also progressed and a picture of the cover will
be published soon.

[July. 18 2004]

Lizette is in a very creative mood right now and as she prefers to create
at night, early in the morning becomes to her what early in the evening is
to most people, so she and Hansi teamed up early friday morning to record
even more harmony vocals. Hansi also has done some editing such as
getting rid of unwanted amplifier noises and such things.
Meanwhile Olov has been working on the booklet.
The final result is coming closer each day now.
Planned release date for Playgrounds is now set to August 30.

[July. 10 2004]

The work continues with "Mesmerizing Enterprize".
Olov added more keyboards including a moogsolo.
The two Göran's (Johnsson and Fors) added some fine harmony
vocals and Hansi has recorded some alternative guitar playing.
Some more has to be done, such as a new guitarsolo, more harmony
vocals and eventually some percussion, before it is ready to be mixed.

[July. 8 2004]

Lizette has finished the harmony vocals for "Enter the Game"
so now this song is finished and Hansi is very pleased with it.

[July. 6 2004]

Two different versions of the lead vocals for "Mesmerizing Enterprize"
are now recorded.

[June. 27 2004]

Hansi starts to rehearse the vocal parts.

[June. 26 2004]

Tomas has finished the lyrics for "Mesmerizing Enterprize".

[June. 25 2004]

Hansi is back.

[June. 15 2004]

Hansi leaves Stockholm for a 9 days vacation in Spain.

[June. 11 2004]

Lollo recorded some fine bass playing on "Mesmerizing Enterprize".

[June. 7 2004]

Hansi has been testing some different guitar arrangements as well
as some alternate vocal melodies and feel pleased with some of them.

[June. 1 2004]

Hansi will now start finishing the final track "Mesmerizing Enterprize".
At this moment there are only drums, keyboards and some guitars recorded.
The basic melodies are written but the lyrics are not finished yet.
The band is looking forward to some creative fun in the nearest future.

[May. 30 2004]

X-Cross drummer Robert Iversen was at the studio and recorded some
percussion for "Enter the Game" and a mix is also done. Now the song
has been sent to Lizette for her to make the final harmony vocals and
then it's finished.

[May. 22 2004]

More guitars and some alternate lead vocals have been recorded for
"Enter the Game".

[May. 21 2004]

Hansi and Göran Johnsson added some more harmony vocals to
"Enter the Game".

[May. 20 2004]

Time to summarize what is ready and what is left to do.
The following tracks are finished:
"Let the play begin" 7,38
"Dejá Vù" 4,36
"A new beginning" 10,12
"The battle of Tahlÿma" 5,33

Left to do:
Some additions + mix of "Enter the Game"
Finishing and mixing the little acoustic guitar track "Fjärilshonung"
New guitars, vocals, bass and some more lyrics for the song who had the
working title "Long 2003" but now, with the lyrics almost finished, is titled
"Mesmerizing Enterprize". A 15+ minutes track which the band is looking
forward to finish.

[May. 19 2004]

The new mix of "Let the play begin" is finished.

[May. 17 2004]

The band members have listened to the finished songs and decided that
they we're not truly happy with "Let the play begin".
Some new lead vocals from Hansi are made and some piano playing from
Olov has been added.
A new mix of the song will be done in the next couple of days.

[May. 14 2004]

Olov played some more keyboards on "Enter the Game".

[May. 10 2004]

A different (more powerful) mix of "A new beginning" was made during this
weekend. The first version was ok but did not fit in too well with the other songs. This mix, which also had some more harmony vocals added to it, is more in the same style as the other finished tracks. Next step will be to finish the song named "Enter the game".

[May. 6 2004]

An alternative mix of "Dejá Vù" has been done and it sounds great.

[May. 5 2004]

A testmix of "Dejá Vù" has been made. Correct time is 4,39 min.

[May. 3 2004]

Some more keyboards, guitars and some different basslines have been
recorded so now all instrumentation for "Dejá Vù" is finished and it will
be mixed later this week.

[Apr. 27 2004]

"Z" now has a real title. It is an, about 4,45 min, instrumental track
named "Dejá Vù".

[Apr. 26 2004]

Hansi and Olov have put down some guitars and synthesizers on the track
with the working title "Z".

[Apr. 5 2004]

"A new beginning" is now mixed as well as a 52 sec piece named
"In the cathedral". Hansi will now focus on one of the three songs
where the compositions are not yet finalized.

[Mar. 31 2004]

More guitars and harmony vocals have been recorded as well as some
percussion played by one of the guest musicians, Alex (of Lizette &).
Also some pre-mix editing has been done so now everything is ready
for the final mix of "A new beginning".

[Mar. 25 2004]

Olov added some mellotron and a synth solo on "A new beginning".

[Mar. 18 2004]

Lollo has put down the bass lines for "A new beginning"

and some editing has also been done.

[Mar. 15 2004]

Yesterday Hansi was at the the studio together with Linus Kåse of
Brighteye Brison who added some extremely fine saxophone playing
into the songs:
"A new beginning" and "Enter the Game".
Hansi is very pleased and feels that it enhanced the songs with a somewhat
new but still "crossish" flavour.

[Mar. 4 2004]

"Let the play begin"
is finished and two different mixes have been done, both sounding really good.

[Feb. 29 2004]

All instruments and vocals for "Let the play begin" are now recorded.
The last things added were some distorded bass lines from Lollo, some new keyboards from Olov and some nice harmony vocals from Lizette von Panajott.
Mixing of this track will be done during the forthcoming week.

[Feb. 6 2004]

This week Hansi recorded some acoustic guitars
and some alternative lead vocals on a couple of songs.

[Jan. 19 2004]

Hansi has been busy for a couple of days working as studio technician
recording a demo for a indie rock band (featuring former Cross drummer
Robert Iversen) but will continue the work on the forthcoming CROSS album
later this week.

[Jan. 15 2004]

Harmony vocals has been added and a test mix has been done on
"Let the play begin".

[Jan. 9 2004]

New bass, a guitar solo and some acoustic guitar have been added into
"Let the play begin".

[Jan. 5 2004]

Lyrics and lead vocals are now finished on the song that was called "Y".
The title now is "Let The Play Begin" and will be the opening track.
A new bass, a guitar solo and some backing vocals still have to be recorded
before this one is ready for mix.

[Dec. 17 2003]

First song is now finished and a test mix has been done.
This song had the working title "Distant bugles" but as it developed
the band felt that it should be called something else and the finale title is:
"The Battle of Thalÿma".

[Nov. 26 2003]

One of the guest musicians, the talented Hannah Sundkvist, visited Progress Studio and recorded some electric violin for one of the songs which made Hansi again leave the studio with a smile upon his face.

[Nov. 24 2003]

A couple of days ago Hansi recorded some guitars on the song with the working title "Y" (lyrics not finished yet on this one) and yesterday Olov recorded lots of keyboards on the same song.

[Nov. 17 2003]

This weekend Hansi was by himself at the studio trying out some alternate vocal lines as well as some acoustic guitar arrangements for the song that used to have the working title "High ambitions" but now is titled "Enter the game".

[Nov. 14 2003]

Hansi had a 2 week break from the recordings to be able to work with the Progress Club arrangements but now he's back. He and Lollo were at the studio yesterday and re-wrote some of the material. Lollo also added some really cruel bass riffing which made Hansi leave the studio with a big smile on his face.

[Oct. 13 2003]

Drums on all tracks, and basses, keyboards and guitars on some of them,
are now recorded. Tomas added some very cool rhythmic arrangements to
the songs.
Both Hansi and Lollo feel that it's now "very inspiring" and "a pleasure to work
with the new songs".

[Sep. 20 2003]

Tomas has arrived and recording sessions of Playgrounds can begin.

[Aug. 18 2003]

Except for some minor details all pre-production is now finished and the recordings will start in mid September. A decision has been taken that the forthcoming album will be titled Playgrounds.

[Jul. 12 2003

Since the last news update Hansi has been quite busy with his work at Progress Records but has been at the studio now and then working with the material.
Last week he and Olov were there and tried out some keyboard arrangements. Göran Fors (of Galleon and Spektrum) stopped by with his Mighty Taurus Bass Pedals and added some of that into one of the tracks.

Also some vocal lines, guitar and bass arrangements have been tried out while waiting for the arrival of Tomas who will fly in from New York in the beginning of September when the recordings will start off at Progress Studio.

Next week, when Hansi is back from a short vacation together with his family,
he and Lollo will spend some time working on the bass arrangements.
They will also work together on the song with the working title "Y" as Hansi feels
that there's "something missing" and that he feels it is needed to "throw ideas back and forth" together with Lollo to make this one as good as the rest of the songs.

The song with the working title "X" has now got some lyrics and will probably
be named "A new beginning".

[Apr. 22 2003]

Demoversion of the song with the working title "X" is now finished.

[Apr. 14 2003]

Demoversions of two more songs are almost written. At this point they are called "Y" and "Z" as they do not have any lyrics yet. Last weekend Olov Andersson was at the studio to record a synth solo on one of them. These are now being sent to Tomas, who is in N.Y., for him to work on the lyrics. The demoversion of another song called "X" is almost ready as well.

[Mar. 11 2003]

Now the band is back on track with writing new material for the forthcoming album. A new song is finished. The title is "Distant bugles" and it's an instrumental piece a bit reminding of "Fanfare Song" from Second Movement. Other completed songs are "Held our dreams" and "High ambitions".

[Feb. 17 2003]

Hansi is now finished with his work with the SPEKTRUM album which will be released on March 10. Hansi says: "It's been very inspiring to work with the other guys in the SPEKTRUM project and it has giving me some ideas which i'll incorporate in the next CROSS album. I'll immediately catch up from the point where we took a break. Another thing that's also inspiring is that Tomas has written some very fine lyrics that will be a true pleasure to use in the new songs"

[Nov. 8 2002]

The SPEKTRUM website is now up at:

[Nov. 1 2002]

The SPEKTRUM website will be up in a couple of days. Link to it will be found here.

[Oct. 31 2002]

Tomas had an accident and seriously injured his hand. He was hospitalized and had to undergo surgery, which sets back the recording of the next album further. Fortunately there was no damage to the nerves and he will recover fully and will soon be able to play again.
"For a while I thought this was the end of drumming for me", Tomas says. "First because of the original injury and then I thought that they might damage the nerves in the operation. They called in a hand specialist to carry out the surgery and he did a fantastic job. He will get a 'thank you' on the next album, when we get around to it."

[Aug. 26 2002]

During September there will be a break in the pre-production work with the forth-coming CROSS album. 3 songs are written and 4 are still without lyrics. The reason for the break is that Hansi is going to work with SPEKTRUM while Tomas is finishing the lyrics and Lollo is promoting his other band ELSEPHERE (a progmetal band also featuring former CROSS' keyboard player Joachim Floke).

[Aug. 11 2002]

Besides writing material for the forthcoming CROSS album,
Hansi has been involved in composing for a new project consisting of:

Lizette von Panajotte (Lizette&) - lead vocals

Olov Andersson (Grand Stand) - keyboards, backing vocals

Hansi Cross (Cross) - guitars, backing vocals

Göran Fors (Galleon) - basses, taurus, backing vocals

Göran Johnsson (Grand Stand) - drums, backing vocals

The project is named:

A webside about this new project will be up in September.
Links to the members original bands can be found at the Cross Links section.

[May. 6 2002]

Hansi visited & Studio this Saturday to add some guitar stuff on a couple of
tracks for the forthcoming Lizette& album.
Hansi says that he "is honored to be one of the guest musicians on the debut album from one of his favourite vocalists".

[Mar. 18 2002]

Drummer Tomas Hjort is one of the guest musicians on the forthcoming Magus album "The Garden". This weekend he added drums on a couple of tracks.

[Feb. 23 2002]

Göran Johnsson, who is bassplayer, vocalist and extra keyboard player in
Grand Stand, will fill in for Tomas Hjort, on drums!, during the rehearsals
for the Cross live gigs this summer. Tomas lives in New York and cannot
come to Sweden before May.
Thanks Göran! (You are a very talented man)

[Dec. 22 2001]

Keyboard player Olov Andersson of Grand Stand has joined the Cross Live band.
He will also, as on "Secrets", play on the next Cross album.

[Dec. 14 2001]

After beeing working with mixing the forthcoming Grand Stand album, Hansi has now begun to write new material for the next Cross album


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