In April 2007 I suffered from a sudden hearing loss and about three weeks later I began to hear these annoying sounds. I now had tinnitus. Part from that being a quite unpleasant experience (this years understatement - it was truly terrorizing!) it was, to me, a true disaster as I am a musician, music producer and a sound technician.

I had this alarming (and loud!) high pitch sounds inside my head every second and it was really driving me crazy. At worst I had 6 different sounds going on. At the fore there was this dominating high pitched trumpet like tone. I also heard "a tiny vacuum cleaner", "beeps", "miniature jet planes", "distant electric desert storms" and other things. And not only that. I also had this really unpleasant pressure in my right ear and I was hypersensitive to sounds (in medical terms I suffered from a very strong Hyperacusis).

The ENT (Ear, Nose. Throat doctor) gave me no hope.
 "You will have to learn to live with it" and, after a couple of minutes she offered me
psychiatric drugs "if you feel depressed about it".
She also talked about a theory named TRT. This stands for "Tinnitus Retraining Therapy" and is based on the quite strange idea that it is the brain that can not interpret sound signals properly.  As I found this theory a bit whimsy I did not give it a chance.
So, I have no personal proof of whether it works or not.

That is the solution today's general hospitals are offering.

So, as I felt that these theories did not make sense I searched and searched to find
something that did sound reasonable, and after 3 months I did.

Low Level Laser Light.

I had read some about it and found that there were many positive as well as negative things written on the subject. Now, having used it myself and learned about it by more studying and, which really counts, personal experience, I now understand how these misconceptions occurred.

The three general one's is:
a) People who tried the laser therapy but did quit too soon.
b) Scientists who made studies but in the wrong way, and published these
c) People having stupid ideas such as "It destroys the brain!"

More about the first cathegorie soon.

And, without being able to prove it I also believe that there is an economic interest that
profits on people being in a bad condition behind misleading information. As, for instance, psychiatrists and companies selling psych drugs. A qualified guess is that there are millions of tinnitus sufferers on this planet who are on psych drugs due to the depressed state one easily finds oneself in from this horrible ongoing ugly sounds in the head day and night. I guess that also hearing aid manufacturers are not to keen on spreading that there is a way to improve once hearing.

Psychological methods based on "learning to live with it" or "rewiring the brain" were of no interest to me. For those who have tinnitus due to nerve diseases and therefore, today, incurable it might be a good thing for relief. But, it does not cure anything.

Anyway, here follows how the Low Level Laser Therapy worked for me.

After have found the German hearing loss specialist Dr. Lutz Wilden's official webste in July 2007, and found that the info on there made very much sense to me, I filled in the form and faxed him my latest audiometric test (hearing test). I already decided to go for it but there was a choice between going to his clinic or treateing it at home. He recommended me to buy the Medical Laser System (MLS) so that I could keep up the therapy over a longer period. So, I did. It was a bit expensive but I felt it was worth the try.

I ordered the MLS and had it with me just a couple of days later.

To start using it was nice. The tiny warmth from the laser light was pleasant and I could somewhat sense that it was doing something good.

After a few couple of days I experienced that the tinnitus sound was very much altering.
Some period of the day it was lower and was of a less alarming character.
This I liked but during other periods it felt like it was louder. And this scared me a bit so I
sent an email to Dr Wilden who explained to me that I could expect big differences during the next 2-3 months, both regarding the ups and downs in the volume of the tinnitus sounds. But also regarding the character of how it did sound.

So, a bit calmed by that I continued with the therapy, which is based on Dr Wilden’s 30
years research on what quality the light must have and the amount of time must be
provided to reach a good result. It is not of the same quality as he uses at his clinic (High Dosage Low Level Laser Therapy by Dr Wilden) but it allows me to use it continuously rather than in 10 or 5 days intensive treatment periods which is repeated with a couple of months between.

Two weeks later I felt the ear pressure being stronger than ever so, again, I sent an email to Dr Wilden. Also this reply was calming as I now knew that, even if unpleasant, it was actually a good thing at this point. He also did let me know things to expect during the near future.

At this point many people stop using their laser and come to the conclusion that "it does not work, it even got worse". It is of importance to know that the tinnitus level often becomes a bit louder in the beginning of the therapy and that it is a just a step towards recovery. This is the main reason behind negative reports from some people who tried the Low Level Laser Therapy. That, and in some cases that they tried the too weak model named Tinnitool.

So, I went on and after six weeks I felt that there were some improvements and had a new hearing test. The audiometric result was that my hearing had improved even more than I hoped for! At this point I had experienced that the tinnitus was noticably lower and I had no problems with sleep anymore. I was also no longer as sensitive to sounds as I hade been for several months. A bit more in the evening than during the day but far, far from the bad condition I had been.

I happily faxed the test to Dr Wilden who now informed me that the following would occur.  The sound of the tinnitus would from now on get "thinner" for awhile.
(The order of the healing of hearing cells is that they begin with the lower frequencies being healed first and the higher frequencies follows a bit later. This is because it is the cells taking
care of the high frequencies that normally has been exhausted for the longest time. One can be in this state for years without really noticing it until the day it suddenly drops to the point where tinnitus occurs.)

And, the tinnitus getting "thinner" was exactly what happened.
From having six different sounds going on there was now only two left.
A sound that can be described as sounding as "the sound of rustling leaves" or perhaps a “hissing sound” along with a high pitch tone.  Also the hyperacusis (the sensitivity for sounds) improved steadily.

In September I felt again that the tinnitus was getting louder and this worried me so, again I wrote to Dr Wilden and asked what to think about it. He replied:

Dear Mr. Cross,

Thank you for your e-mail.
I assume that your tinnitus is not getting louder, but is climbing up to a higher frequency.
This is making you a little bit nervous and this is understandable. But this is the normal
process of inner ear regeneration, because the most exhaustion of your hearing cells is in
the hearing cells which are responsible for the high and very high frequencies. These cells are the "centre of the wound" and for this they need the longest time to heal.
But you will realize that in the same time, in which the tinnitus (emergency signal) is getting higher, the tinnitus is also getting more "thin and more flat".
It is also normal, that you will have a more and more selective hyperacusis in the high
frequencies, because these cells, which are producing the tinnitus, are now more and more strong and out of this they tell you quicker and more exactly, what they don't like, but also what they like. All this is a transient situation.

Dr. med. Lutz Wilden

My first thought was that he, this time, was wrong, so I checked out by listening to sound
signals at different frequencies. I knew that the strongest tones I usually heard were at 6000 Hz. What I found was that Dr Wilden was right. It was now at 11000 Hz.
It probably had changed a little bit every day so I had not noticed.
I now realized that all hearing cells working with lower frequencies had healed!
Later this was also proved by the hearing test results.
My hearing capability was now close to normal in these regions.

After three months I now had a tinnitus sound that was up at around 11000 - 12000 Hz
(to you who are not familiar with what Hz is I can tell you that a sound at 12000 Hz is an
extremely high pitch sound, far above any sounds one normally think of as high pitch
sounds.Some people have difficulties to even hear these high frequencies).
Along with this I had some of the hissing sound - but now it was kind of thinner.
The volume was considerably lower than it used to be. About 50% lower I would say,
but still with occasional short periods when it become a bit louder.
At this point I felt my life was almost back to normal. I had plenty of energy. I was smiling
and having fun with my family and at work (besides of working with performing and
producing music I also sell CD's).  I was also able to start working a little bit with music
again. I could now spend like 40 minutes at the studio, working with songs at low volume.
Not very often, about once a week but, compared to the torture I experienced from trying
to listen to also very quit music, it was a big difference.
Already at this point I felt that the money spent on the laser device was very much worth it, but of course I was looking forward get even better.

After 3 ½ months use of the laser light I noticed that the sound character of the tinnitus
sound had stabilized and I sensed that it also had begun to become quieter.
So, again I sent an e-mail to Dr Wilden asking him if I could expect that it from now would slowly fade away. Here is his reply:

Dear Mr. Cross,

Thank you for your e-mail from the 22nd of Oct. 2007.
Yes, you can expect that it will slowly fade away, this is a good expression.
You can also expect that the ear pressure will slowly fade away.
Dr. med. Lutz Wilden

At this point I, unfortunally, experienced some problems with the laser device and hade it sent back for service. It proved that the company had received some bad batteries and had to change it. So, for 25 days I could not go on with the therapy. During this period I experienced some minor improvements for about two weeks and then it was a kind of fixed situation. On November 16 I got my laser in return, and I immediately started with the treatment again.

A couple of weeks later, on December 10, I had a new hearing test performed.
This time I found a place where they could test all the way up to the very, very high
frequencies at 16,000 Hz. (A standard test only shows up to 8,000 Hz).
The result was astounding. It absolutely proved that Dr Wilden is right in every thing he
claims. My hearing was now normal up to 10,000 Hz. Above this it had still not healed.
I also realized the need of doing a full hearing test as this one showed that I suffered a
severe loss in the area above 12,000 Hz. I now understood that the last part would maybe take some time to improve. This proves that the dear doctor is right when he says that the healing starts within the lower frequencies and works it way up through the scale. The tinnitus I heard at this point was very high frequent. To be exact: it was within the same range as the damage was, or to use Dr Wildens own words “The area with the most exhausted hearing cells”.

I also realized that the last bit could take very long time to heal as the hearing test showed a loss of up to 80 dB in the area above 12 kHz.

If a hearing test is performed by only measuring up to 8000 Hz it might look as if there is
no hearing loss and it will be very difficult to see the connection between exhausted or
damaged hearing cells and tinnitus.

This makes me believe that many tinnitus victims out there who believe their tinnitus
comes from a stiff neck or jaw might very well find that the true reason behind their
problem is from a hearing loss in the area above 8000 Hz.

I personally find it being very ignorant when ENT's say that there is no need to have expanded hearing tests.

In early February 2008, after haven a period where I felt that the tinnitus sounds was decreasing a little, I again experienced that the volume was a bit louder and the sound was extremely high pitch, It was even hard to define what note it was. The device I used for checking the tinnitus frequencies did not go this high, so I had to guess that it was in the area of about 13,000 to 14,000 Hz.

I hoped that this meant that the recovery for the very, very high frequencies, where the
hearing loss was as big as 70 - 80 dB, had been "activated" and therefore was a bit louder for awhile. I decided to not bother Dr Wilden with more questions and that I would wait and see what my next hearing test would show.

This one was performed on March 19, 2008 and showed almost no improvements. The
reason behind this might have been that the generation of hearing cells works in cycles of 9 months. This means something like, good improvements during the first three months, a bit less improvements the following three months and very little improvements for the last three months. Then it starts over again.

When it had gone almost nine months since starting the LLLT I started to experience
phenomena's similar to the one's I had when starting out in July 2007. These included
temporarily louder tinnitus, clearly changing characters and sudden "beeps" and some
hyperacusis. But, this time in the higher frequencies.  The feeling I had was that it had now started over and that the much damaged hearing cells in these higher regions (which probably had been in bad shape for years) now started to "wake up". This went on for about two months.

A new hearing test was performed on June 3.
This one showed some small improvements in the high frequency area and, what felt very good, even better improvements in the very high frequencies. My conclusion is that the cells responsible for the highest frequencies were finally waking up. The overall improvement within the affected areas was at this point a 30 decibel improvement of hearing capacity.

At this point the tinnitus sounds had ones again started to sound a bit different.
Somewhat more mellow, kind of “thin and flat” as Dr Wilden said it would be, with
occasional, extremely high frequent “zings” coming in for a second or two. Occasional,
slightly ringing tones made an entry for like 10-15 minutes or so. In general I
experienced 4 -5 days that was not too bad, and 2-3 days with a more aggressive and
louder tinnitus per week. But even the "louder" days was far from what I experienced
before starting the LLLT.

On July 10 I had used my MLS for exactly one year. Around this time the tinnitus had
changed into only 1-2 days of a more aggressive character. I also experienced short
periods where I had to focus on the sounds to hear them. This felt very good.

During August - November there was no big differences, but some small improvements.
In October I noticed that I had short periods for about 5 - 15 minutes where I needed to
focus on the tinnitus sound to hear them. At this point I started to do some work in the
music studio again. I was careful and only worked with low volume and not for more than
one hour at a time and…it worked!
I was genuinely happy!
From that point I started to (slowly) finish the album that I was working with at the time for the severe sudden hearing loss.

I didn’t have any hearing test performed at this point but I felt as if it had improved a little
since the latest test and considered the overall improvement being about 70%.

In December I increased the dose from 35 minutes to 45 minutes to see what would
happen. During this period I experienced some slight changes. Whether it was due to the increased laser dose I can’t really tell. There was no hearing test performed to prove if I achieved any improvements or not. But I sensed a “feeling of healing”.

In early January 2009 I went to Norway for a 5 days intensive High Dosage Low Level Laser
Treatment a bit similar to the method used by Dr Wilden. The clinic is located in Sandvika (not too far from Oslo) in Norway and is run by this very nice and highly competent woman named Anne Harila.

This action was recommended by Dr Wilden himself.
The light used here is much stronger than the light coming from my home laser device.
And not only that, the irradiation is also coming with different wave lengths.
My machine delivers one wave length.

Here follows some technical info:
The home laser that I had used for 18 months has a wavelength of about 650 nm
(nanometers) and the strength is 30 mw (milliwatt). This is for long term use.
I have used this for 35 minutes on each ear, 5 days a week.
At Anne Harila’s clinic I received laser with 650 nm at 200 mw one hour per day.
808 nm at 500 mw, one hour per day. On top of that also some smaller doses of 820 nm and 830 nm. I also got massaged with a device that contained strong laser and vacuum massage every day. This to make sure that the blood flow should run as easy as possible up through the neck to the ears.

As soon as I came back to Sweden I noticed that the regeneration process started to
speed up again. Dr Wilden suggested that I should try to cut down on the home treatment for a while as I had received very much treatment at Anne Harila’s clinic.
I decided to change the schedule into: 5 days of LLLT and 5 days break

After two weeks I reached a new level with the tinnitus being milder and quieter than ever. When this proved to be a stable improvement I estimated the overall improvement to be about 75%. During this period I had 1 day with a bit more aggressive tinnitus but also periods of several hours when I would say that the improvement was 80% and short periods, for about 10-20 minutes, when I had to focus to hear any tinnitus at all, I had to go to a quiet room to hear it.

At the end of February the quiter periods had extended to about 30-60 minutes.
I now had a general 75% improvement with short periods where the tinnitus was almost
gone. At this point a newly found friend with simular experience from LLLT for tinnitus
sent me a link to a new study showing that improvements can be obtained during at
least 3 years. This gave me some more hope of further improvements (Thanks Hans Ove).

At the end of March there was again a period, this time for about 10 days, where the tinnitus sound was a bit higher and, again, altered some character. This settled down to a general silent hissing in early April of a kind that was more silent and more "friendly" than ever. When this proved to be a stable new level I estimated my improvents to about 80%. During this period I started to work at the studio for 1-3 hours per day (with occasional breaks for a couple of days now and the, just in case...)

On May 14 I started with a different treatment. This is kind of an experiment. Twice a week I received 450 mW, 808 nm 10-15 for minutes and 60 mW, 904 nm (super pulsating at 25 Hz) for 15 minutes. The latter is a bit unusual for tinnitus treatment but new studies has showed that it can have a good effect. The device used is a special built laser. Normally, when one uses 904 nm, it is irridated around and behind the ear. This one has a probe so that the light is irridiated directly into the ear canal. It is developed by Irradia AB and a bigger study will be performed later this year in order to see if it is a good complement to the usual 650 and 808 nm (which is the most common wavelenghts for tinnitus treatment). We also used a multiprobe laser (4 x 60 mw at 904 nm) around the ears.

After 3-4 treatments I noticed that there was some action going on. In many ways simular to the "start up phenomenas" I experienced when I first started to use the MLS (my home laser) and after I had been to Norway for the 5 days intensive treatment. The tinnitus sounds was both louder and more quiet than before. Up and down from day to day. Lots of sudden "ziings", "beeps" and "ppssshhts" (bit more quiet than earlier) and a little bit, even more, high frequent, very thin, ringing tone appeared for a while now and then. This I now recognized as the "waking up phenomenas" when the cells responsible for the highest frequencies finally are waking up after been almost dead, or at least knocked out, for several years. There is no scientific proof that this is what is happening but considering that these periods always has been followed by a better state with lower, kinder tinnitus and improved hearing capacity it seems logical that it is what happens.

At the end of June things had stabilized a little bit and I estimated the improvents to be above 80%, some days I would say 85% and for shorter periods even more than that.

At the end of july during the last couple of treatments (in total 20 treatments within 11 weeks) I experienced more, rather intensive "waking up phenomenas". This time it went on for 8 days.

At this point it was time to take a longer break for somewhat between 1 to 3 months, starting on August 1. During the first 2 weeks the tinnitus level was generally up before it started to settle down again. Some minor improvements was noticed in early September. I felt that from this point I could start with the home laser again, without following any specific scheduale, instead just go with what I feel.

In mid September the tinnitus level settled down to a generally low, and kind of "smooth" level with some occasional periods for an hour or so every now and then when it was more intensive. At the beginning of October things had stabilized to a content where I decided that I now had reached a state where I was to 85% restored.

Not much happened during November and first half of December - at that point I got myself a new home laser with 110 mw strenght at 808 nanometers which I bought from Konftec. From that day I went on with the following schedule:
30 minutes with the 808 nm laser
35 minutes with the MLS (30 mw - 650 nm)
This I did 2-3 times per week. Already after the first session I recognized that the regeneration process accelerated again. It was the usual increased tinnitus along with days that was "the best days so far".

On February 18, 2010 I had my 20th session with the 650nm/808 nm LLLT and now the time has come for my first longer break and let the cells use the energy to regenerate in it's own natural speed.

Meanwhile I'd like to share a thought with you. It wouldn't surprise if you have thought to yourself "If LLLT really works, why isn't it used in our health care system?",

Well, one reason might be that the health care system is very slow when it comes to adapting to new technologie when it does not come in the shape of a new Big Pharma drug (then they start to use it very fast). Another might be that there are huge economic and maybe also political interests in not letting people know.

Consider the following:

Some while ago I was chatting at a Swedish tinnitus forum and found that the some of the people running it became quite aggressive when I gladely did let everyone know how much better I had become with LLLT. Their arguments was that i had experienced a "natural habitation" (despite the fact that I was getting worse until I started the LLLT) and that it was a "placebo effect" (despite the fact that I had met enough people to clearly see that the positive effect from LLLT easily outnumbered the procentage of people that normally reacts to a "placebo effect"). They also inclined that I was secretely selling lasers.

The head man of the forum went on and on and on about how very scientific he believe he is, that he knew that tinnitus can not be cured, not even to some extent, and put afore the argument that he had been spoken to two professors that claimed that LLLT for tinnitus is a scam. He claimed that these professors should know because they worked with developing hearing aids. Oooops! I guess he did regret mentioning the latter. Consider this: LLLT for inner ear problems helps the body to improve so that the tinnitus becomes more quiet, or in some cases, disappears. At the same time the hearing capacity improves due to a biologic improvement. So, If people can get better hearing from LLLT it would mean that less people would need hearing aids and these professors might loose the job. And...this might also be relevant...The big company Siemens expect a turnover of 2 billion € this year on selling hearing aids.
In many european countries hearing aids is sponsored by tax money.
Worth thinking about, don't you think?

I have also been met in a most aggressive way by a TRT psychologist. He eagerly spreaded the poorly performed "scientific studies" I wrote about at the top of this page as "proof" that "LLLT is a scam".
Hmmm...perhaps he was afraid to get out of business?
He is running his own company delivering TRT in order to "learn people to live with an incurable disease" and was more than a little upset about me letting people know how much I had improved.

Well, well...

Another thing I like to point out when it comes to LLLT for hearing problems is that it is important to protect oneself from loudness and avoid noisy environments as much as possible. I have not written very much about this but it is an important part of the therapy to give the cells a chance to use the energy the build up from the use of laser instead of waisting it on handling too much noise.

I'll be back in a couple of months to report whether the longer break had a positive effect or not.

During the break, starting on Feb 19, 2010, I first had no real changes during the first 4 weeks, it was just a continuing up-and-down state with somewhat louder tinnitus sounds and shorter periods when it was very gentle. During week 5 it was bigger differences between the "loud" and "gentle" and during week 6 it was mainly "louder and sharper" again. Then on week 7 it settled down and a period of 6 days followed when the overall situation was a tiny, little bit "better than ever" but I never had a chance to see if this slightly improved state was there to stay. At this very point in mid April I ran into some heavy emotional stress situations including things like relatives with health problems and other things. This went on for almost two weeks and during that period I experienced a louder, sharper tinnitus. This was followed by 8 days when it was very soft and difficult to hear most of the time except for in the afternoon when it for some reason was much louder for 1 or 2 hours. After that followed a period with quite big differences regarding the volume day by day and also a change in character where the sound became more and more thin. A very thin kind of hissing type sound. Some of these days was definitly "best ever days". At the end of the 3 months break the new situation started to stabilize a bit and a small improvement had occured. Enough to estimate that I now have recovered to more than 85%, not enough to say that it's 90% but close to it. If it continues to settle down...then it will reach 90% improvement.

I will continue the LLLT in a while but taking breaks more often than I used to. As for now I'm happy that I reached an over 85% improvement in the horrible state I was with the loud tinnitus and strong hyperacusis I lived with. For now I believe I have shared everything of importance regarding the changing symtoms during the positive long term effects I experienced from LLLT and have not much more to add.

I had some laser sessions but not very many and didn't experience any specific changes during May-July and contacted Dr Wilden to hear what he thinked about the situation. He recommended me to try to double the irridiation time per session. This I started on August 1. After a couple of days I recognized that there was more action going on again inside the ears. The sound altered a bit and went even a little bit more high frequent and I experienced louder T than before every second day, and the days between it felt very, very good with "better than ever moments". During August I had 14 double treatments and 4 single treatments and felt it was time for a break. After a 9 day break I started to treat twice a week with only 30 minutes per session. During September and first 3 weeks of October I had plenty more LLLT, but not going for any specific schedule. Here's what I wrote, on October 27, to one of my friends who is also on Low Level Laser Therapy:

"At this point I have had plenty of laser since early August. During this time I haven't followed a specific schedule. For instance: 1 week I had 4 double sessions and 2 single session and then a 4 days break, After that I had 1 single and 1 double session with 3 days between and then a 7 day break. Then I had 3 sessions (1 x 60 minute with red light, 1 x 60 minute with the IR and 1 x 30 minutes Red + 1 x 30 minutes IR) and then 3 days break. As you see I have "gone with my feeling".

Last week I had 5 double sessions in a row and reached a point where I had stronger tinnitus and a swollen, pulsating feeling within the inner ear. So, now I'm heading for a longer break. Today is my Day 5 of this break. Day 3 and 4 was a bit rough with a new, incredibly super high frequent T that was louder than it has been for a long, long time. In fact, I had difficulties to sleep (this hasn't happened to me for more than 2 years). But today, on Day 5, the situation is MUCH better again. The following weeks will show if I can reach a new level of improvement. The phase I'm in is that the most damaged parts, which surely has been strained for many years before T occured, is doing it's best to heal. I can only hope that they will manage. If not, I expect to at least to return to the good state I was in before August."

The big "ups and downs" went one for about 10 days before it started to calm down and the "ups" became less strong and the "down periods" became longer. After 2 weeks thing's started to stabilize and for 20 days or so it was generally very soft, only some occasional spikes for, as most, an hour. It was pretty much as it used to be when I stated I had reached an over 85% improvement, with a minor difference that the hissing sound now was yet a little bit more high frequent. Just a little bit. I probably wouldn't noticed the difference if I wasn't a trained sound technician and therefore learned to recognize things like this. Except for s couple of days when the T was definitly more intense in the afternnoons the trend with longer, more quiet periods continued. On December 15 I had generally experienced that the situation was a little bit "better tha ever" for 2 weeks and that it was stable enough to declare that I now estimated myself as being 90% cured.


Shortly after the latest update I experienced a serious back injury with a 24/7 pain that caused a situation where
I had difficulties to sleep and had 1-3 hours, at most, of sleep for almost 2 months.
When I hadn't slept fpr 2 weeks I decided to follow some peoples advice to take some painkillers "so that you can let
your body relax and have some sleep". I wan't too interested in that as it's extremely rare that I take any meds at all.
But their arguments made somewhat sense so even though I had the feeling that I'd better not take it - but decided to do it anyway).
Before taking these I very, very carefully read the list of potential side effects. It said nothing about hearing loss and/or tinnitus
(but later when I checked a book that all doctors have where ALL side effects are listed - there it was!).

What I took was Ipren (containing Iboprufen) and Voltaren (containing Diklofenak).
In the mentioned book - in Sweden named FASS - these are listed with heaing loss and tinnitus
as potential side effects. If it wasn't for the fact that the pharma industry has lobbed in that they
do not have to list ALL side effects I would have known and never taken their crappy products.

Well...anyway...after taking these for 7 days I started to hear a new sound in my left ear.
A wobbling, mid frequency tone.
I decided to not panic and thought it could be that I was exhausted and extremely tired which was the reason
for this - what I hoped - temporary new sound. (I still hadn't slept - the painkillers didn't help a bit).
But next day it was 2 tones going on and on day 3 yet another one, this time in the right ear - showed up.
On the night between day 4 and 5 after this new sounds entered all hell broke loose. Totally.
I woke up from one afyter another strong and very aggressive tone entered. One after another until it was
9 different tones just YELLING. Some to the left, some to the right and other's more centered.

You can probably imagine how I felt at that point. Not only had almost no sleep for a long time, I had
lost all that I had gained during 3 years LLLT! I was very close to give everything up but...didn't.

I sent an e-mail to doctor Wilden who at that point was away on vacation so I had to wait for two weeks
before I received any reply. During these weeks thing's escalated. At one point I counted to 20 different
sounds going on. My hearing was very daft and I again was as sensitive to sound as I was back in 2007.

When I finally got in touch with Dr Wilden I got some more data on the difference between using the
home equipment and having the High Dosage Low Level Laser Therapy by Dr Wilden at his clinic and decided
to, as soon as possible, go to Bad Füssing to have 10 days of professional LLLT.

It took a while before my back was strong enough to allow me to leave Stockholm.
During these weeks I went on with my home lasers and had some improvements.
I came to Bad Füssing on March 8 and started the LLLT almost immediatly, after having a hearing test performed
before the first session. This one showed exactly what I believed it would. A new hearing loss, and this time
also in the mid frequency area (where the human voice is).

During the 12 days I spent in Bad Füssing I noticed some improvements. This showed up on the hearing test
I had after the last session on March 19. A general increase of 10 dB improvement. Yessss!

After that I had a coversation with Dr Wilden - who by the way is a very engaged man with a lot of
experience and a doctor truly cares about his patients - and it was decided that I should have a 3 week break before
I started with the home therapy with the MLS again (I nowdays seldom use my Konftec lasers as I feel the MLS
does a better job).

During the spring I became better and better and in July I was around 75% cured again.
This means that I in 6 months obtained about the same improvement that it took me 2 years to reach
after the first "sudden hearing loss". Why it went faster this time we can only guess but it seems
reasonable that it is from 2 things, a) that I already had the benefits from previous LLLT and therefore
my inner ear hearing cells already was basically stronger this time...and b) that I went to Bad Füssing
for 10 days of more powerful laser treatment.

Since the end of July I'm back to life and are recording the new Cross album (probably to be released
in November this year) and do now consider myself as 80% cured again.
And...all signs of continuing improvements are still showing up.

Hansi Cross, September 15, 2011

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