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Göran Fors
.: basses - taurus - backing vocals :.
Click for larger image! Göran brings harmonic bass playing into Spektrum with his roots firmly placed in the melodic part of the symphonic rock genre. He is also filled with positive vibes and makes the rest of the band members work a little easier.

Göran has already released 7 beautiful symph/prog albums with his band Galleon. Their last album "From Land To Ocean", a conceptual double CD, really showed everyone how a good progalbum is done. The high point of the album is the second CD. It contains 1 piece called "The Ocean" clocking in over 52 minutes.

links: Galleon

How did I get involved in Spektrum? The idea came up on our mutual friend Stefan Polzer's wedding. Olov said that he wanted to do a project together with me and I said that I always wanted to do something outside of Galleon. So far it has been very fun to work with this project and it got even better when Lizette was going to sing on the album.

What are my expectations?

As always I don't have any expectations at all but it would be very nice if we could do some gigs both in Sweden and abroad and maybe more than one record.

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