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Hansi Cross
.: guitars - keyboards - backing vocals :.
Click for larger image! Hansi is one of the more interesting guitar players in today's modern world of progressive music. His contribution to Spektrum is the unexpected parts of the music that will make our music unique.

His role in Spektrum also includes being a recording technician and mixing engineer.

Hansi has released 7 highly interesting albums with his band Cross. Their current release is called "Playgrounds" and everyone in Spektrum guests on the album.

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How did I get involved in Spektrum? It started off when I helped out producing the latest Grand Stand album. Olov told me that he had some songs and ideas that he felt didn't really fit in with the Grand Stand concept so we so we talked about what a Olov Andersson solo album could be like. His idea was to have several different musicians on it with himself, Göran Fors and Me as the basic group and kindly asked me if I was interested in that and of course I was. I remember that the three of us had a meeting about this and shortly after that Olov presented an idea which he recorded together with Göran on bass and vocals together with Grand Stand guitarman Michael Rank Jensen and Grand Stand's vocalist and bassplayer Göran Johnsson on drums. I liked what I heard and suggested that we should ask him if he wanted to be the drummer of this project. He gladly said yes so we rehearsed the track once and recorded it with Göran Fors as vocalist. Everybody was quite happy with this so we decided to turn the project in to a band rather than a solo album-project by Olov. We called it The Project or GRALLEOSS. After a while it came to my mind that it was "nice but maybe it sounds too much as GALLEON" to have Göran as lead vocalist. Our idea at that time was also that I should sing one or two of the tracks which probably would made it "nice but perhaps it sounds a bit too much as CROSS". I had for about 2 years felt strongly that I really wanted to do some music together with Lizette. So I gave her a call and talked about this project and asked her if she was interested in taking over the lead vocals. At that time she was very busy with recording her debut album but obviously felt that she wanted to be part of this so she said yes. I presented the idea to the rest of the guys who found it interesting so we tried it out and after she added vocals to one of the tracks everybody went: "YES!!! WOW!!!" And after some time we decided to name the project SPEKTRUM.

What are my expectations?

Well…except for having very fun together with these excellent people involved I also expect this to be a way for all of us to develop our song writing. For instance, on one track I'm playing a solo that Olov wrote and on another one he plays a solo that I wrote. For me, who write most of the material for CROSS, it is also fun to compose together with the others. Everything is done very easily regarding writing and recording. Probably because that we all have both similarities, that makes us able to very fast understand each others intentions, as well as differences making it interesting. And I must say that I find it all very stimulating. I also expect that the album we are making will be, at least to me, a very enjoyable one.

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