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Göran Johnsson
.: drums - keyboards - backing vocals :.
Click for larger image! Multitalented Göran used to handle the vocals in Grand Stand but he is a drummer first and foremost. And believe me, he really knows his way around the drumkit.

He is also a good keyboardplayer and contributed some keyboards to the Spektrum-recordings.

Since January 2005 he is the keyboard player in Hansi's band CROSS.
Together they are writing material for both the next Cross album as well as the
forthcoming second Spektrum CD.


How did I get involved in Spektrum? To get it straight I think I have to get back to October 2000 after seeing a Spock's Beard concert in Stockholm. I had been talking to Martin at Missing Piece about having a beer or two after the show. As Martin doesn't live in the neighbourhood he was also visiting Olov, the keyboard player in Grand Stand and he was also attending the same show. However, Olov and I started talking (over a few beers, perhaps more than one or two…) and we noticed that we almost had the same taste in music. All the way through our conversation Martin continually told me that "Grand Stand already have a drummer so you'll never wind up in that band…". Olov and I continued talking to each other and at one point I wrote in a mail that "I can sing too…" and that's was basically the beginning of me to become the lead singer in Grand Stand.

With me as a new member, Grand Stand started to rehears and record what was to become the bands second album, "Tricks of time", and it was in this process that I crossed paths with Hansi since he was involved in producing and releasing our record. Through Olov I also met Galleon bassist and singer Göran Fors (nice name!)

I remember playing some tapes for Olov, one with my former blues band "Blueskatarr" where I took care of the drumming and one with some of my own compositions where I had used a simple sequencer. I guess that the reason for asking me to handle the drums in what-was-to-become Spektrum is that Olov wanted a different sound so it wouldn't sound too close to Grand Stand and he knew that I could play drums as well. However it was really fun to start drumming again though it felt rather strange to take place behind the drum kit again after all these years (the first session was a great struggle for me to get it right).

Apart from Lizette, I was the last to join the band (Hansi Cross and Göran Fors was already involved) and though I knew that it would be a good collaboration the real treat was when Lizette joined us. Until now I haven't ever worked with a female lead vocalist in a rock/prog band so this is a new and great experience for me. And how the lady sings...WOW! Goddamn! Here we are! SPEKTRUM is born!

What are my expectations?

First of all, being a member of Grand Stand is great, but it's always an experience to explore different musical directions with other musicians. It's also a great opportunity for me to play my main instrument again. We also get along very well and I think we all feel that it's very easy-going when we meet for recordings or for song writing sessions. We're right in the middle of the recording sessions and so far it both feel and sounds great. Since all five of us are putting ideas into this project everyone has given their personal touch to it so I'm sure it will sound a lot different to the bands we normally play in. We have a good album in the making and I hope the listeners will like it too. We'll see what happens next. Maybe it's time to get some life into my old sequencer melodies?

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