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Olov Andersson
.: keyboards - backing vocals :.
Click for larger image! Olov's melodic, harmonic approach to the keybord-playing gives Spektrum a softer edge and works as a counterpart to Hansi Cross' innovative guitarplaying.

Main influences include Tony Banks (Genesis) and David Paich (Toto). With his band Grand Stand he has already released 2 albums in the more melodic & symphonic vein. The 3rd album by Grand Stand is expected to be released early 2006.

links: Grand Stand

How did I get involved in Spektrum? It all started with an idea to do something different outside of Grand Stand. I had some material that I didn't feel would be right for Grand Stand, but the pieces were too good (in my humble opinion) to be left in my top drawer. I also wanted to work with a few other swedish prog-musicians, whom I respected. After presenting my thoughts to Göran Fors and later on Hansi Cross the idea of a solo-project transformed into a project-band. We needed a drummer to be able to start making demos and it struck me that we have 2 drummers in Grand Stand. So why not ask the one that didn't play drums in the band? Göran was the right choice and he accepted immediately. Hansi then came up with the brilliant idea of bringing in a female vocalist and we all liked it. Now the line-up was complete and SPEKTRUM was born.

What are my expectations?

To have a good time creating, recording and playing good music. I also expect to learn a lot from the process and from the rest of the members of Spektrum. They all are tremendous musicians.

Then we'll sell 1 million records and become famous rockstars. Don't wake me up, please!

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