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* 2005-09-16 - UPDATE (by Hansi Cross)

Dearest You,

At this point I'm happy to announce that we are working on a follow-up album. More about it later.

Hansi Cross

* 2003-02-19 - STUDIO REPORT Nbr. 9 (by Olov Andersson) *

We're getting there; I mean we are really getting there….

Yesterday Göran & Hansi went to the Cosmos Studios in Stockholm to do the mastering of our upcoming Spektrum album. The master of mastering, Mr Hoffe Stannow made sure that the final result would sound even better. Göran called me afterwards and he was more than pleased with the result.

During our writing and recording of the album, which we have told you about on this page another man has been keeping busy in another part of Stockholm. I'm talking about Stefan Polzer; the man doing the booklet for the album. He showed me a printout of what will become the final artwork last Friday and it's as good as the music. He makes us look good and we make his work sound good.

Anyway, everything has been sent to the CD manufacturing place now and within a few weeks you will be able to hear it. Hopefully you will enjoy listening to it as much as we have enjoyed making it.


Olov Andersson

* 2003-02-11 - STUDIO REPORT Nbr. 8 (by Olov Andersson) *


We are now on the final pages of the "SPEKTRUM - STUDIO REPORT". Last weekend Hansi and myself added our bits and pieces to the last song of our project and on Monday Hansi did the final mix. The final piece is called "A Chemical Release" and is written by Lizette and myself. With the risk of coming across as pretentious I have to say it's another labour of love and it sounds great. The ending of the piece is beautiful.

The remaining things to be done are mastering and pressing.
The CD should be out in the beginning of March.

Here are the tracks, in order:
Land Of Longing
Perpetuum Mobile
The Quest
Ivory Tower
A Chemical Release

We will await your feedback.
CU! / Olov Andersson

* 2003-01-26 - STUDIO REPORT Nbr. 7 (by Olov Andersson) *


I'm back again with a new report. The piece "Land Of Longing" is now completed and it sounds great. During the process of writing and recording we have referred to this piece as "our Hit-song" and it sure has a lots of potential. The end of the song gives me "goose-bumps" with all of us really playing our asses off!

Lizette's vocals on the last piece ("Angry Song") are also finished so now it is up to Hansi and myself to add solos & stuff. Almost there!

Until next time..

Olov Andersson

* 2003-01-18 - STUDIO REPORT Nbr. 6 (by Olov Andersson) *

Hello again!

Just a quick update:
Hansi has done the mix of "Spektrum" and the mixing of "Land Of Longing" will be next. Lizette and myself will also begin to add the final parts of the last piece ("Angry Song"). This means that it's
"5 down, 2 to go" now. We're getting closer to the final product. Very exciting!
Keep checking this space for the next report!

Until next time..

Olov Andersson

* 2003-01-15 - STUDIO REPORT Nbr. 5 (by Olov Andersson) *

Hi there!

A few days ago Hansi worked his magic in front of the mixing console and yet another track is mixed and ready. It's called "Now" and we're very proud of it. Hansi wrote the piece and I think it is one of his best pieces ever.

This week we expect to have the track "Spektrum" mixed as well and we are rapidly coming closer to completing the Spektrum album. At the same time Lizette are doing the vocals on "Land Of Longing" and then she will begin working on the "Angry Song" (working title).

This album has truly been a labour of love and working with all these multi-talented musicians has been a thrill for me personally. The result is way beyond the expectations I had going into this project and I can assure you that I'm both thrilled and proud to be a part of Spektrum.

The wait is almost over and remember "All good things come to those who wait".
Keep checking this space for the next report!

Over & Out!

Olov Andersson

* 2003-01-03 - STUDIO REPORT Nbr. 4 (by Hansi Cross)


Göran has managed to catch a cold (poor Göran!) and therefore I will take care of the update this time.

Since last report Lizette finished the vocals on "Now" and "Perpetuum Mobile" and as always she did a superb job. Olov and myself have written the lyric to the song that was called "Poplåten" but now is titled "Land Of Longing".

I'll summarise what is ready and what is still to be done:

Mixed and ready:
Perpetuum Mobile
The Quest
Ivory Tower

To be mixed and finished in the next couple of days:

Still lacking vocals, guitars and solos before ready for mix:
Land Of Longing

Still lacking vocals, guitars, solos and lyrics before ready for mix:
A 9-minute track that has the working titles "Angry Song" or "Olovlåten"

Our intentions was to have the album ready and released in late January but as we've been
"catching colds" one after another it has taken a bit longer than expected. We hope to have the album available in late February.

Eternally yours,

Hansi Cross

* 2002-12-10 - STUDIO REPORT Nbr. 3 (by Göran Johnsson)

So here I am once more (where have I heard that before?) with a short little report. Hansi has been the busiest of us during the last week. Most of the guitars on the song that used to have the working title "ForsCross" (new working title is "poplåten") are finished as well as all the guitars on "Now". Olov has recorded some more keyboards and he and Hansi has also done some minor sound changes here and there. The only thing I have recorded during the last week is a tambourine at the end of "Now" which most probably also will be the final title of the song. So everything is there except for the vocals and it might take a couple of days before Lizette can do it as she managed to catch a cold. Poor Lizette!

All instruments and vocals are recorded on "Ivory Tower" and "The Quest" (working title "The Light") now so Hansi will get these mixed and ready this week while Göran, Olov and Myself are in London to enjoy IQ live at The Mean Fiddler. Poor Hansi!

That's all for now folks,

Still your friendly drummer.
Göran Johnsson

* 2002-11-29 - STUDIO REPORT Nbr. 2 (by Göran Johnsson)

Saturday was a good day. After a good nights sleep and two cups of coffee I drove my Saab and picked up (in order of appearance) Fors, Olov and Hansi. After a few laughs (and a discussion about IQ's "Subterranea", don't ask me why) we came to the studio, got our equipment together and started to rehearse. After a few more laughs and some more coffee it was time to click on the red button to record the stuff and "The beer song" (or "Forscross") got on tape rather fast. It sounds really great I must say. We recorded drums, bass and some keyboards to the song. Hansi played along with us, testing some different ideas, and he will hopefully do his guitar lines during this week.

While I was picking up some hamburgers (real music food) Fors recorded some missing bass tones and after a nice meal Fors also recorded bass to Olov's song which we recorded drums and keys to earlier in the week. It feels good to have all the basic tracks done now so we can start thinking about how the whole record will sound like.

As usual it was a nice atmosphere during the recording session. No one's ego gets in the way.
Of course, we discuss tempos, melody lines and so on, but it's always in a friendly and understanding way.

What happens next? Well, Hansi will hopefully do some guitar work during Wednesday (the only thing that can stop him is if he gets a lot of work at the Progress office) and Olov will do several missing keyboard parts on Sunday. I believe that Lizette have done some more vocal work at her home studio but we haven't heard from her in a while (she likes to record her parts in the middle of the night and then sleeps all day) so frankly I don't know right now.
But whatever she comes up with for the songs it seems that it's precisely what we want.

That's all for now folks.
Your friendly drummer
Göran Johnsson

* 2002-11-20 - STUDIO REPORT Nbr. 1 (by Göran Johnsson)

Well, things are moving forward. The songs are starting to take shape and we will keep you informed of what's happening in the studio during the process of the album. So here is for you, our becoming listeners, our first studio report.

The album will probably contain six songs, all originals, and most of them doesn't have a "real" name yet. However, this is how far we have come up to date:

The song that has the working name "The light" is almost finished. Lizette has put down her vocal parts into it and we have started to mix the track. So apart from a few backing vocal lines the track is almost done. "The light" (not the final song title) is one of Olov's compositions and is a very "happy" song. This track has gone through some changes since the first version of this song featured Göran Fors on lead vocals. He did a great job on it and of course we will save the version for possible use in the future. However, it's nice to have Lizette's vocals on it since she is by far a better vocalist than either four of us.

"Waiting" or "Ivory tower" is the only track that is totally completed. One of Hansi's contributions and once intended to be a song for his own group Cross, but neither recorded or released by them. Maybe it was a bit too poppy for his band mates to play? This was the first song that Lizette put her vocals on and also the first time I realized how incredibly good this nice lady can sing. Hansi has a fine guitar part in it and Olov plays a kind of Pink Floyd-ish solo as well.

We also have a tune that probably will be an instrumental piece. Lizette will however sing on it but probably without using words. It's titled "Perpetuum mobile" and is written by myself.
I recorded it at Progress studio during my summer vacation. Hansi liked the track and suggested that we use it in Spektrum. So we have used my basic drum tracks and my intro keyboard part and re-recorded the rest of the instruments. The song is soon ready to be mixed. Lizette have some vocals to do and maybe some solo part as well. As you might already have guessed, the theme goes on and on to a nice climax at the end. A thanks goes to Steve Hackett for the inspiration to this track.

Another of Olov's compositions has gone nearly halfway through the process. Basically a real old tune from Olov's vault. Olov and myself recorded the drums and basic keyboards last week and we will continue with the song during the coming weekend when Göran Fors will join us. He has some 350km to travel each time we record him so we try to make good use of him when he's down here in Stockholm. This will be one of the longer songs on the album…

…which also goes for a piece with the working title "Now", another of Hansi's contributions.
This one was originally intended for the forthcoming Cross album.
This is the song that may have the most different parts with different passages and tempos. There will also be a keyboard solo played by Olov but written by Hansi on it. Drums, bass, some guitars and most of the keyboards are done so far.

Göran Fors and Hansi put together a basic idea to a song that they presented to Olov and me during one of our sessions. Working names are "Forscross" or "The beer song" since we sat in the studio one evening in September and all contributed pieces to the song while drinking beer (sorry Fors, you drove the car that night…). We will record the basic tracks for this during the weekend to come live in the studio to get the right feel to it. With other words, this one needs most working time at this stage in the recordings. Album opener?

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