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ADVENTURE "Caught in the web"

"The third album from Norwegian ADVENTURE is a real treat. Stylistically, 'Caught in the Web' sounds like a mesh of Uriah Heep (circa 'Firefly'), old Deep Purple, mid - 70's Alice Cooper, Jethro Tull, Camel and Pink Floyd. Total content holds the territory between classic rock and symphonic prog with a folk flair. Such kind of approach allows the material to give changes of pace and flow. Each composition effortlessly segues into its successor, giving the album a good feel of continuity... Having played together for more than 17 years, the core members Terje Flessen (guitars) and Odd-Roar Bakken (analogue keyboards) enlisted the help of several recruits: Terje Craig (bass, vocals), Elen Catherine Hopen Furunes (vocals) and Kristian Resell (drums). They are underpinned here by a superb singer Roar Nygard who's reminiscent of John Lawton - with the same tone, timbre and similar dramatic power. Two guest flutists, Lars Hyldmo and Tone Dahl, contribute their tinge to keep atmosphere over four tracks. Piano player Knut Erik Jensen gives an additional sense of variety to keep interest over the long haul. Adventure delivers a solid-catchy performance full of diversity and skill, nice on some quieter songs, yet mighty when the band rock out. Expertly sculpted in retro fashion, 'Caught In The Web' is dominated by vintage keyboards (Hammond, Moog). The orchestral grandeur from Odd-Roar Bakken reminds of Ken Hensley - although without sense of imitation. The guitar expert Terje Flessen has a wonderful ability to combine hard rock hooks and subtle melodies. A plodding rhythm section seems ready to burst at any moment, while flutes extend the musical horizon for listening pleasure. The beautiful female voice is simply haunting. Overall, an excellent stylized release. A solid step forward for Adventure, one that should get them the attention they deserve. This CD is beautifully packaged with a 16 page booklet featuring nice artwork, band photos and defined lyrics. For more information about the band check out the band's official website."
Rating: 5 out of 5


"Adventure, it's a simple name, yet one which evokes thoughts of everything from "Boy's Own" tales, to space bound journeys, or mythical ocean voyages riddled with peril and danger. And yet this third, and first for five years, album from Sweden's [sic] Adventure takes us through far more Earth based stories of everyday pitfalls and social challenges; the album's name, Caught In The Web, a neat play on words, with the "web" in question being the one we all while away hours and hours on every day. Opening, scene setting, track, "All Aboard", segues seamlessly into "Fast Train", both again metaphors for the "use it, bin it, get rich quick, fame at all cost" culture we live in and yet while the themes and lyrics may be modern and current, the music transporting them to your ears is traditional Progressive Rock with the merest hints of something heavier, a sprinkle of Uriah Heep here, a whisper of Threshold there, the odd fluting float of Jethro Tull bouncing by. 

Vocalists Terje Craig, Elen Catherine Hopen Furunes and guest, Roar Nygard, combine and separate beautifully, a mix of solo performances and male and female vocal interplay adding perfectly to the soaring keyboard work of Odd Roar Bakken and Steve Howe like guitar forays from Terje Flessen. However as you pass through "Solitude" (a lyrical theme across the album), it is the theatrical arrangements which drive the songs on, the loosely conceptual pieces arriving with added weight and poise. "Empty Minds" provides more than a little oomph, although as much through flutes as riffing guitars, while "Test Of Time" is happier combining Heep like Hammond to a more Neo-based keyboard approach. However right across Caught In The Web - which comes housed in a simply stunning cross between a "find it" game and a Rodney Matthews alike artwork of the year contending sleeve courtesy of Tor-Erik Ledang - it is gently Progressive themes and ideas which bring the songs to their wonderful conclusions. 

Caught In The Web is a magnificent Adventure and one worth exploring and reliving on countless occasions. If you're looking for me, that's where I'll be...."
Rating: 4,5 out of 5


"From the strange introduction piece, 'All Aboard' (which would quite easily sit on an early Demon album), into first track proper, 'Fast Train', you'll find the Tull/Heep influences are very strong. Adventure are one of the few bands I've heard where I think the flute works alongside the guitars. This song, in particular, sounds like a collaboration between Ian Anderson and Mick Box with Ken Hensley drafted in on the keyboards. According to the press release, Adventure have moved away from the Tull/Heep comparisons slightly and gone more progressive with this album, so it will certainly be interesting to hear how the first two records sound. I'm not for one minute suggesting that Adventure are copying anyone, everything here still sounds original, but it's not surprising to read that their heroes and idols are those already mentioned. Next track 'Solitude' is almost as heavily influenced but also has a musical theatre sound to it in the chorus - for some reason I kept thinking 'The Rocky Horror Show'; I could certainly see Tim Curry singing this one!

To complete the lineup on this album we also have Roar Nygård (vocals), Knut Erik Jensen (piano) and Lars Hyldmo & Tone Dahl (flutes). Every one of them displays incredible musicianship, the melodies are gorgeous, and choruses catchy without being too in your face. And the sixty minute plus running time goes by without you getting bored. This definitely isn't waffling prog like some bands and albums managed in the 70s. All the songs have a beginning, middle and end and, even though that decade is easily the main reference point, there is also a nice production which brings the album into the 2000s. Some might question why we need an album like 'Caught In The Web' or a band like Adventure when Ian Anderson and Uriah Heep, amongst others from that period, are still recording wonderful music but couldn't you say that about any band? This is a great album and a much more palatable listen than many of the hundreds of metalcore bands that pop up every five minutes. Do yourself a favour and go on an 'Adventure'!"
Rating: 8 out of 10


"Adventure is nothing less than a symphonic prog band with obvious references to the happy 70's and bands such as Jethro Tull, Uriah Heep and Camel. Recommended!!!"


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