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This is a very lush sounding recording and the vocals are some of the best I have heard this year. Chris has an excellent voice which he uses to full effect throughout the disc. The vocal harmonies are spot on and recall The Beatles at their best. The layered vocal arrangements add a fullness to the sound that make you forget this is only one person. Other reference points would be the Canadian '70s band Klaatu as Chris really develops that pop/prog approach that made Klaatu such a fine band. I also hear bands like IQ and Pendragon, especially in the symphonic arrangements.
The album begins with the balladic "Resemblance" with sparse darker sounding keyboards and Chris's dream-like vocals. "Waking From a Dream" follows suit with a great keyboard melody and some emotive lead guitar. Soaring lead guitar ends this Klaatu inspired gem. The progressive pop of "To Fly" boasts fantastic vocal harmonies and the melodic title track features more beautiful harmonies and organ swells. This one hints of latter period Yes and The Beatles.
The album's longest song is the epic "Fantasy" with its ambient beginning of soft keys and soaring Gilmour-like guitar. More outstanding vocal harmonies ensue and a circus melody surfaces at various times reminding me of Klaatu.
Although this is not the most original album you will ever hear and Chris wears his influences on his sleeve, the songs are so melodic and finely crafted that you can throw the originality factor out the window. If you like your progressive rock mixed with dreamy pop flavoured hooks and exceptional vocals you are going to love this disc. I know I did.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"The songs range between 3 and 12 minutes, oriented between retro and neo prog with a subtle approach to Yes and Genesis, IQ and Marillion and The Beatles. Mostly lyrical and always aesthetic and melodic, the songs are especially for fans of melodic rock music, who also enjoys complex prog and sophisticated compositions"

"The first title, "Resemblance", bathes in a calm and serene atmosphere performed with piano and keyboards, a sort of prologue to "Waking from a dream," a long piece with solo guitar intro which developes into prog mode a la Chris , where you will find the keys referenced above, with breaks and rhythm changes. "Eve of Destiny" is built on the same idea and a similar structure, but is not a clone. "To Fly" is more pop, with hints of Barclay James Harvest on a theme carried by the guitar and "Making Sense" offers some nice vocal harmonies.

"Fantasy", a beautiful suite of over 11 minutes, could be included in the directory Stackridge around the time for "Mr Mick" (with the exception of very symphonic first movement) with a more modern writing, particularly regarding the guitar but with the same charm that is a typical français trademarks of Old English group. This title is a moment of pure musical joy. And "Sky Castle" follows suit and would not cheerfully have appeared about him on the "Friendliness" Stackridge the same, but in a more refined and softer. Further, "Wishful thinking" is also in the same register, and more pop. "Shades", while in contrast its structure conceals a delicate piano and "The Final Hour" is denser and more responsible, more rhythmically marked too.

A very good prog album that should appeal to a wide audience because it offers a prog staff while stirring the influences mentioned above, dynamic without being aggressive, very well produced, with nice developments in the vocals, while aligning beautiful varied instrumental interventions. Hats off to this young Dutch talented musical entrepreneur.
Rating: 4 stars

"Especially the vocal harmonies are very professional and convincing"
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"For those who have purchased his first album and liked it, don’t fear, you will not be disappointed.
Nevertheless I would add that we feel a great change from the previous effort, especially regarding vocals and arrangements. No big surprises that the influences present on the first album are still there. These are assigned to to IQ, GENESIS, BEATLES and BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST.

"Making Sense" is a modern sounding album with intelligent lyrics without being rebelish. Moreover, speaking of the texts, the topics are the search for identity, truth and knowledge of what happens after.
Opener, "Resemblance" is a short piece that connects to the following "Waking from a dream”, with its introduction on the piano followed by the incursion of the guitar, which awakens our attention. The development that follows shows that the listener will discover that a major point throughout the album
is quality.

"To Fly" is lighter and with pop tendencies. The title track "Making Sense" with its staccato rhythms and beautiful vocal harmonies is followed by "Fantasy," which I think is the center piece of the album, both vocally and instrumentally a great success. “Sky Castles" is a beautiful ballad led by piano and acoustic guitar. "Shades" is full of contrasts, sweet moments with a more intense chorus. "Eye of Destiny" is constructed in substantially the same structure as "Waking from a Dream" without copying and pasting, another great moment. Preceding the closure, "Wishful Thinking", with this piece it is easy to reconcile with The Beatles. "Making Sense" ends with "The Final Hour," a composition more dense, intense level of pace and filled with emotion.

In conclusion, "Making Sense" is a very good album that should appeal to a wide audience. CHRIS offers music that, while stirring the given influences, yet retains its own identity. The album is dynamic without being aggressive, very well produced, with a nice change from his first album. Moreover, it is filled with beautiful instrumental although various interventions. This talented young musician shows us, in a very nice way, his competence in within the field of music. Hats off to you, Sir."

"It's definitely a record that fans of modern prog should be checking out."

"In the 10 songs we realize that Chris has everything lovers of prog appreciate the most"

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