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GALLEON "Beyond Dreams"

GALLEON - "Beyond Dreams"
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"Sweden's Galleon have never tried to disguise their influences and nothing has changed here as their proud progressive rock variations come through the recording machine to produce a prog-rock fans dream."

"The CD opens with the throbbing bass note that introduces 'Before The Sunrise', the longest track on the album at 9.09, which is gradually superseded by the melodic instrumental backing track and the vocals. This is a fairly up tempo number in which all of the musicians play a full part and as the song progresses a variety of influences are evident ... a good start.

Drum and bass provide a strong rhythm beginning to 'Let Us Be Amazed' (8.58) ... this suddenly stops and is replaced by the sound of a gentle piano and a short but stunning guitar piece. After the first vocal section the sound subtly alters, becoming much more atmospheric and eastern in flavour. Around the mid point of the track is an instrumental section that explores a whole range of differing sounds - haunting keyboards, bass and drum rhythms, unsettling synths - before the vocals recommence. Later, some lovely guitar work can be heard behind the final verse of this song. Galleon have packed a awful lot into this track and yet it seems to fly by!

The shortest track of the album is 'The Dream' at 3.09. This is a slow instrumental piece with suitably dreamy synth sounds behind which you can hear all sorts of sound effects and short bursts of guitar work and it runs straight into ...'Dreamland' (8.19). Suddenly the music comes to life with some bouncy up-tempo piano playing which subsides slightly to accompany the rather nice vocal track and between the verses effective use is made of the guitarist. As the song moves on the sound gradually strengthens, becoming richer and fuller towards the final intense sung verse ... a great song.

'Parasite' (8.07) has heavier rocky feel with excellent strong instrumentation throughout from all of the band supporting Fors' great vocals ... rocky but very melodic.

I've played this CD a lot and I just don't tire of it - I can happily listen to it several times on the trot! This should appeal to all those who enjoy very melodic progressive rock music like Rush and/or Pendragon."

"Galleon are to my ears one of the best prog bands to come out of Scandinavia, not a thing i say lightly."

"If you don't have this album in your collection, then you certainly miss an important gem. Recommended."

"Galleon do write good songs. The opening section to 'Let Us Be Amazed' is prog of highest order; beautifully constructed and well played. And 'The Dream' is an instrumental of the highest order. And that is why I like Galleon's music. A mixture of nativity and quality is endearing and makes listening to Galleon albums interesting time and time again. I now have three or four galleon albums, and they re-appear on my CD player at surprising regularity. This is happy-go-lucky up-beat melodic progressive rock that is a joy to listen too. It doesn't tax your brain; just provides listening pleasure - and that is a complement in anyone's book!"

"Again they have delivered a very strong album. It seems that the band gets stronger on every album. Rating: *****"

"'s recommended to lovers of neo-progressive rock and Rush."

"This one surprised me! Galleon are a four-piece neo-prog outfit from Sweden that play one of the sorts of music that I rarely tire of: melodramatic vocals superimposed on a rich keyboard/guitar symphonic background. When that style is composed well (like here), it's great, and when it's not, it's the worst stuff on earth. I'm gladdened and surprised how much I enjoyed Beyond Dreams. Unlike many modern neo-prog albums, it moves along at a brisk clip for almost the entire album. The instrumental sections remind a lot of the faux-heaviness of IQ's Subterranea, particularly in the Orfordesque keyboards of Ulf Petterson. Beyond Dreams will appeal to neo-prog fans who are looking for more of the same. It's a fairly typical neo-prog album, but the level of quality is high."

"Rating: 4 out of 5"

"Galleon's music can best be described as melodic prog and is best compared to Rush and IQ, which places them in the neo-progressive sub-genre. The first track "Before The Sunrise" is one of the best on the album. It starts with a very catchy piano melody and initially shows overtures of IQ and Rush, which I mentioned earlier. The song gets more bombastic towards the end, most notabely the keyboards. "Let Us Be Amazed" features dramatic mood changes, at times capturing the Egyptian atmosphere reflected in the lyrics. This track is very remeniscent of Eloy. A sudden break seems an anti-climax, but we're only halfway through the song by then. A more relaxed section with a bit of funk from guitar becomes more bombastic, before another quieter piece, a bit like Genesis, but also comparable to Arena, ensues and leads to the close. The title of the next tracks "Parasite" is telling enough. It packs the venom of this kind of accusatory song, like Tongues by Fish, Dream Theater's You Not Me or Queen's Death on Two Legs. It does sound rather like a DT track at times, most prominently in the instrumental sections, with harsh guitar chords, shrill keyboards and violent drums, but it has it's more laid back moments. "Sailing On By" opens like a Garth Brooks track, with a bit of country rock guitar, but when keys join in, this quickly gains the familiar Galleon melodic approach. Can be described as a joining of Yes and Rush. Ranging from sharp to bombastic, but melodic throughout. Fans of Eloy and Rush should be among the first to give this album serious consideration. Recommended to those who appreciate later day Genesis as well. Imagine a track like Driving the Last Spike with Rush style keyboards and you'll know what I mean."

"7 tracks and over 52 minutes worth of some great songwriting and more appeal to the guitar and keyboard fanatics; I play this often it's that good!"

"Musically GALLEON is playing very impressive neo-progressive rock and although you can hear similarities to ARENA or SAGA, you can also clearly hear that this band have their own sound."

"...for neoprog fans this is certainly recommended!"

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