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GALLEON "From Land To Ocean"

Galleon - "From Land To Ocean"

"It goes without saying that this is their most ambitious album to date, and a heavily dominated keyboard experience; this one (rather two!) should be regarded as their best. For listeners of the
neo-progressive revival of the last 20 years Galleon’s Land to Ocean delivers both melodically and symphonic edges that should please a large prog-audience fan base."

"In short, this is one hell of an album. Highly recommended!
Score: 4,5 out of 5"

"Their last studio release "Beyond dreams" was a big step forward in the development of the band but once I was able to listen to their latest offering, boy what a pleasant surprise this was. You can clearly hear that Galleon has finally found it's niche fusing authentic vintage sounds with a contemporary feel."

"A sure bet for the genre lovers, as a matter of fact, this is one of the best CD's I've heard lately... let it flow....... Rating: 4,5/5 "

"5 out of 6 points."

"After many years of music career and seven albums, Galleon may enter the modern progressive rock Hall Of Fame. In my opinion one of the best records of 2003. Rating: 90 out of 100"


"One has to say that Galleon are musical masters and plays their music with ease and finesse.
Just listen to "The Price", "Solitude" or the Celtic quoting "Land", not to mention "Ocean" and
you will find that these Swedish musicians knows exactly what modern prog rock is all about.
In a state of breathlessness one listens with great pleasure to this album for almost 2 wonderful
hours. Rating 4,5 of 5."

"Then we move on to the second disc: "The Ocean," one, just over 52 minutes long track, divided in 19 sub themes. It opens very quietly, with soft keyboards, making you imagine you are under water, looking at the views around you. It builds up very nicely: first keyboards, then vocals, soft drums, bass and guitar. Despite the length, it never gets boring, but shows a lot of variety, melody and tempo changes, solos, and a good story. This song really impressed me very much, especially as I love this kind of songs. Although I mentioned the Flower Kings as being a similar band, I prefer Galleon for their song writing skills. With the Flower Kings I tend to get a bit bored at times, but with this album it is not the case.

Of course the vocals are a matter of taste (which applies to the entire sound, of course), but I find Göran Fors not a bad singer. Not the best either, but his voice fits the music very well. The production is very good and the nice artwork comes from keyboardist Petterson. Again it is made clear Sweden is the land where many of the best prog bands come from! PPO Rating: 8/10"

"Highly Recommended!!!"

"In the career of Galleon, From Land To Ocean is their absolute high, and the kind of calling card we have all been waiting for in order to finally introduce them to the world over as one of the bright hopes of the great prog revival!"

"A beautiful work for friends of the maintained neoproggers from Sweden"

"From Land To Ocean is an intense album, more so if both discs are listened to in succession without a break, and those who can find the two hours required to do so should find it a worthwhile experience. A delight."

"This sublime epic belongs to the best in the neo-prog genre."

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