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GRAND STAND "Tricks of time"

"I highly recommend this album."

"The album finishes with a sixteen minute epic [sub-divided into eight sub sections] and follows in the footsteps already laid down, but with enough variation to keep the imagination going. To summarise, I found the album very enjoyable, with fine musicianship from all and cohesively played together. The rhythm section was excellent and Tomas Hurtig was a pleasure to listen to, forming an excellent backbone for the strongly themic guitar and keyboard passages. There were numerous time signature sections and the predominance of 7/8 did suggest a strong reference to earlier Genesis, although it should be noted that the band never tried to emulate this. So if the band's previously mentioned and the likes of IQ, Spock's Beard and Pallas feature in your CD collection, then add Grand Stand's
Tricks of Time."
Conclusion: 8 out of 10. (DPRP RECOMMENDED)

"Tricks of Time is an excellent album, in heavy rotation in my CD player. Highly recommended."
Rating:9 out of 10 Keyboards

"I found on playing this album the first few times that they do sound quite different on the songs, as if they haven't totally settled on their own style but want to encompass everything that they like listening to. Not a bad thing for a progband in many ways. The closing number "Old man's tale", is the longest at sixteen minutes, and contains both very delicate interludes and much powerful pieces with some great guitar/keyboard interplay, as well as pieces that sound familiar but yet are not (especially if you are a Genesis fan). An album that is bound to find a lot of flavour among the progheads. "

"A new recruit to the swedish assault on prog, Grand Stand offers many of the same attractions as the invasion's vanguard: excellent musicianship, dramatic songwriting and good sound."

"A nice and mellow mix of 70's progressive rock in the vein of Genesis and Camel with some influences of the neo-progressive movement. The band has matured and everyone looking for melodic progressive rock should check this one out"

"Swedish progressive rock has always been associated with the inevitable Flower Kings, but Roine Stolt and his friends are warned: there is competition. Grand Stand has just released their second CD 'Tricks of Time' and really, it is a masterpiece. 'Jurassic Spark' is a perfect illustration of the potential of this group: a beautiful guitar solo as intro, melodious guitar sounds à la Steve Hackett, typical arrhythmic drums and solid bass playing, nice synthesizer solos and the timbre of a progressive rock-singer. This track has plenty of tempo variations and solos in a way Genesis would and should have done it today.
'Waiting for water' is a typical symphonic track with guitar and keyboard solos, you can call it the trade-mark of this group. This is by far the most commercial track on the album with a catchy refrain. 'Empty barrels rattle the most' alternates ambient psychedelic parts with some Celtic or folky influences, but after a while it really explodes into aggressive progressive rock. What a guitar player, truly one of the key factors on this album. The last track contains everything you can expect from progressive rock.
'Old Man's Tale' consists of 7 parts, moving the song in different directions and styles: the music is dynamic, captivating and very professional. And while Grand Stand can be referred to so many other good bands, they still produces their own sound with a lot of growing potential.

"The album reflects many signs of recognition of the bands Grand Stand is influenced by, such as Yes, Genesis, Flower Kings, Pink Floyd and Spock's Beard. The fact that some of the members where involved in a Yes and Genesis tribute concert and a Pink Floyd tribute CD ("Signs Of Life" released in 2000) says enough. Energetic and melodic, vocal and instrumental, one short and four 9 minutes + songs of the highest quality symphonic rock is what this album offers. Especially the ballad "Waiting for water" is a beauty."

"Grand Stand's music is nothing short of grand. The musicianship on 'Tricks Of Time' is great. It's refreshing to my ears to hear younger musicians that play like seasoned pros. However, their musician-ship is only surpassed by their compositions. Dynamic, and captivating, the tunes on this disc are on a par with some of the most important prog acts today. One of the bands strongest points is taking a theme and then twisting it around and moving it in different directions. The tangents taken on some of the instrumental breaks have a strong Genesis flavor, and are worthy of the comparison. A must for fans of Genesis and The Flower Kings, and quality prog in general.

"...especially fans of Pendragon and IQ will like this a lot I think.
(Points:8.0 out of 10)"

"Grand Stand presents five new pieces that no symphonic rock lover should be without. Tracks that stand out are "Waiting for water" with a strong chorus and an overall Genesis feel & "Old mans tale" with beautiful solos and a folk feel in the intro- and outro-parts. These guys have a high musical ability and this CD is filled with listening enjoyment and Grand Stand really pushes the boundaries of the Swedish progressive music of today."
(Points: 4,5 out of 5)"

"Yes that's a nice album. This second opus from GRAND STAND is better than the first one, so imagine! Their music moves in the same area as GENESIS, CAMEL and will for sure attract fans of PENDRAGON and ARENA. That's exact, just want to add that the music is not so far from the work of HACKETT, 1975 to 1980 probably as much as GENESIS' 70's works at time. Wow ! With lot of emotions this is a must. And "Old Man's Tale", yes, because this song will be a tale for a long time in the world of prog."

"Four years after their first release, Grand Stand from Sweden are back. The duet have since become a quartet and that change is evident on the new album "Tricks Of Time". These changes has taken the music of the group to a higher level, with a melodic sense worthy of Genesis and Camel, and a lyrical guitar which carries the listener towards remote horizons. Not forgetting the keyboard work on the moog, that unquestionably will satisfy most demanding listeners out there. Undoubtedly one of the best releases to circumvent this spring!"

"Grand Stand, an extremely melodic and talented progressive rock band from Sweden, have scored big with their second CD release, titled Tricks of Time. With a huge symphonic sound that relies on sweeping keyboard orchestrations and emotional guitar leads, Grand Stand take their influences from such legends as Genesis, Camel, Pendragon, and IQ, and toss in solid songwriting skills, great musicianship, and strong vocals, to come up with a contemporary classic. Fans of lush, 70's & 80's prog styles can do no wrong with picking up this latest from Grand Stand. This will be a band to watch for sure. Score: 9/10 "

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