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HIDDEN LANDS "In our nature "

"In a single work, we find the melody and the great delicacy of Genesis, a more traditional side close to Neil Young or Joe Jackson, but also the punch of a Porcupine Tree. Moreover, the level of composition seems to me often close to the great Steven Wilson. Regarding keyboard instruments, this is undoubtedly the best album of the year!"
Rating: 5/5

"An amazing array of synthesized keyboards sounds, which sound interesting and are often fresh and surprisingly original. Moody, atmospheric, laid-back and beautifully melodic, with that certain Scandinavian gloominess and melancholy Proggers love so much.
A pleasant listening experience from start to finish – definitely a rarity among the neo-Prog releases in the last decade. This album has some brilliant double keyboards moments and on the whole is an excellent Prog experience, which should be appreciated even among the sternest fineschmeckers."

"A very solid album, which should be well received by most Prog connoisseurs, right across the sub-genre chasms. Wholeheartedly recommended!"

"Excellent prog from the ever reliable Progress Records.
Very atmospheric prog, shying away from the more metallic excesses of some of their contemporaries, and when all the elements combine as they do on 'In My Nature' and 'Incurable', then it is prog of the highest order.
The opening title track is a nine minute long showpiece of retro progressive rock that is made with much love for the history of music, but that is at the same time wonderfully free from a given framework, and that one can truly describe as progressive, ie, progress and innovation. I am very pleasantly surprised / ... / very fresh and different."
Rating: 8/10

"A pleasure to listen to, very demanding and the ideas are more than great. Only 6 pieces, but long enough to show big potential in today's prog field with original arrangements and excellent playing. Definitely one of the best albums of 2012, maybe in top 3 for last year. Very strong inventively and
goes recommended for sure."
Rating: 4/5

"This is exceptionally well played and completely original sounding prog with some of the best keys I have heard this year. You can hear echoes of early Genesis, but delivered in a new and original–sounding way. Every track is something to savor, as this is definitely one of the best new prog albums I have heard this year."

"I enjoy the sound of good keyboards, and these guys make all of the best choices in how they deliver that sound. 'L'Ancien Régime' envelopes you in the kind of keyboard wall Tony Banks would be glad to have designed. The piano and synth sounds are simply magic."
Rating: 4,5/5

"The 11 minutes counting epic “Incurable” offers all the elements to be called a to-be-prog-classic in the near future."
Rating: 8.2 out of 10

"A very professional album containing six strong compositions that mainly will appeal to the more keyboard orientated prog heads. The music is difficult to compare to other bands."
Rating: 4 out of 5

"Absolute top performance of the musicians and a band that produces music that is unique in this form anywhere it exists."
Rating: 4.5/5

"It's an album that dazzles until you immerse yourself in each song and you can really start to enjoy the suggestive nature of the music. Far from joining the clones of the great gurus of today, Hidden Lands takes its own path and shows us great quality in this first work, as full of romanticism that this genre has ever had."

"Really, really good by the Uppsala constellation Hidden Lands, which is a kind of continuation of Violent Silence, with most of its members from that group. Here, in an intimate, almost chamber music prog rock with the most delightful weave of melody imaginable - with features of both minimalism and of British prog rock of the more obscure kind, like Art Bears. Should be able to make a mark on the international prog rock scene."
Rating 4/5

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