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LIQUID SCARLET "Liquid Scarlet"

Liquid Scarlet - "Liquid Scarlet"

"Liquid Scarlet's debut album is not an album to waste much words on, it is an album you must hear yourself ... correction, an album you must experience yourself! The true 70s sound with a modern touch and perfect presentation. It is an album I can't get enough of and I think you should listen to it as well. Everything about this album fits, including the cover artwork, which breathes the same melancholic atmosphere the album holds. Production is done by the band themselves, and this again shows a level of professionalism! Thank you Progress Records for signing these guys and thank you Liquid Scarlet for making one of the most refreshing, progressive albums of this year! A must-have for all who love the 70s and true progressive rock!"
Similar bands: King Crimson, Anekdoten
PPO Rating: 10/10

"Gloomy, yes. Moody, yes. Hauntingly beautiful at times; wonderfully angular at others, yes. Recommended. Yes. A very good debut that provides interest for repeated listenings, complex enough to reveal new facets each time.
Rating: 4.5/5"


"Interesting combinations of sounds, excellent use of dynamics and, most importantly, engaging song-writing combined with superb vocals, establishes Liquid Scarlet as a heavyweight contender. Go get this one."
Rating: 4,5/5


"Take early Anekdoten and blend with a mix of Landberk and Änglagård and you get the purest Swedish prog-cocktail you can imagine. Liquid Scarlet most certainly has released one of the better albums of this year and no doubt they have made a statement that progressive rock is back with a vengeance."


"This is in fact one of the best progressive rock bands i've heard besides the classic trio Yes, Geneis and King Crimson. It is beautiful, atmospheric, pompous and chaothic. This, their debut album, contains all the ingredients which belongs to the progressive world. An extra plus for the vocals with the beautiful harmonies which adds a nice overall picture"

"4,5 of 5"

"Impressive fresh debut album from Swedish youngsters Liquid Scarlet. They hail from the far distant north and their self-titled debut is a very much welcomed one indeed! They have successfully picked up the early nineties and almost typical Swedish progressive rock sound that were created by bands like Anekdoten, Änglagård and Landberk. To that they have added a great deal of freshness, curiosity and influences from British bands like Elbow, Radiohead and maybe even Starsailor! The album is an absolute must if you are into those three Swedish bands mentioned earlier, but also for you who are a curious lover of music and not afraid trying something new, exiting, well played, adventurous and indeed highly progressive."

"A class act!"


"One can not put enough emphasis about how prolific the swedish progscene is! Time after another one discovers new groups and talents coming from this splendid country. These musicians have the ability to deliver music that is filled with melancholic emotions and superb melodies. Delicate."

"Amazing album from this new, young band from the north of Sweden. Their influences are clearly from the 70's although all of them were born in the 80's. Complex yet with an enormous sense for melodies the closest reference must be King Crimson, but there are also snippets of Genesis Yes and Camel. This superb mix of course gives the band a quite unique sound, but for fans of 70's progressive with loads of Mellotron this is without a doubt a fine purchase. Awesome production too. Another high-class product from Sweden's leading progressive label, Progress Records.


"Liquid Scarlet is no Genesis, Camel, King Crimson or Anekdoten clone despite the fact that some of the sounds and styles of those bands would appear to have been of influence. There are also hints of Elbow and Coldplay, particularly with regard to vocals. It would be hard not to like this album whether you are a Mellotron obsessed prog fan of the old school or a latter day indie rock protagonist."

"The Swedish label Progress Records just went to vomit another really good eponymous CD from a five piece band of young and talented musicians, all in their twenties, named LIQUID SCARLET. If you wish to buy a great CD, here is the one that you should not miss, they are young and very inspired, their music is also well played, very original and highly diversified. It's truly a gem!."

"Citta' nuova" is my favourite track with its eight minutes of melancholic athmosphere, sweetly accompained by the Frida Lundström keys and the filtered voice of Markus Fagervall. The final duet guitars/keys really breaks your heart . "Molok" keeps the same high-quality level, just showing that deeper synphonic approach mentioned before. Believe me, there are not any weak tracks inside here and it's really impressive for a young band like this. Buy the album!"


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