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MORPH "Sintrinity"

"Hailing from the mighty musical landscape that is Sweden, comes the duo known as Morph. Consisting of Attila Bokor on vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards and Richard Sandström on drums, Morph is an entrancing Prog Alt band that will grab your attention from the very beginning of their release Sintrinity (Progress Records). This 7 track album blends the melodic with the excitement of the rhythmic and fans of bands like Porcupine Tree, Riverside and Dream Theater will find Morph right in their wheelhouse.
Sintrinity is a concept album that tells the story about 3 people and how their lives intertwine with each other and how 2 life-long enemies fight for the affections of an unpredictable woman with a hidden agenda. Filled with madness and big choruses, Sintrinity opens with the track, "A Breath Away" which sets the table for what Morph are all about. They twist and turn with gracious melodies and soothing vocal lines that just lift you to another place. Proggy with an Alt edge, but never quite Metal, you find yourself just concealed within their music.
This was a very pleasant surprise, not knowing anything the band Morph before settling in to produce this review. Being a HUGE fan of much of the music that emanates from Sweden, I wasn't very surprised to find out that this is where these guys call home. There isn't a dud among the 7 tracks on this effort and any modern Prog Fan will enjoy the hell out of this journey. Beautiful vocals, amazing melody, skillfully executed musicianship, I recommend this disc very highly and you won't be disappointed."
Rating: 5 of 5

"Sintrinity" is an album that leaves all kind of traces behind, as the concept album it is. The music and vocals are extremely competently performed, the songs are brilliantly composed by Attila and Richard, where the lyrics fall into extremely good symbiosis with the music. It's tight, it's progressive, it's heavy, it's melodic and it is completely breathtaking. Attila handles the vocals, guitars and basses while Richard Sandström stands for the rhythm section.
The musical style is rather difficult to place on the musical map. I can see clear influences of such progressive greats as "It Bites" and "Porcupine Tree". But here and there you can also feel the presence from bands like "Muse" and "Nirvana". Richard's drumming often reminds me of Gavin Harrison's, equally tight, intricate as skilled. The vocals are very beautiful, harmonious and present, which also applies to the guitars and basses with the addition of tight heaviness.
It's very difficult to pick out individual tracks on the album that stands out as the entire album is all through homogeneous. But if I have to pick out a couple of songs, I'll choose "It feels like the end", "Wake Up" and "At the Crossroads".
This album is very well put together, every song fits perfectly into the puzzle. It's melodic, it's progressive and it's powerful - all at the same time. So if you are into progressive rock music and likes a tight and melodic sound - go buy this record, it's the essential purchase of the year!"
Rating: 10 of 10

"Morph are not a specific progressive rock duo we normally review in Background Magazine, but if you broaden your outlook and if you're not allergic to pop-like elements and alternative rock, this is a perfect album."

"The guys don't just pull it off, they are excellent musicians. Richard plays the drums very well, and he knows the meaning of restraint. It seems that he can perform both complex drums lines and slow, offbeat mood-setters. Attila, too, has a very young, clear voice; excellent guitar control, and a good grasp of keyboard atmospheres. I mean, I've seen so many prog fans insist they don't like "catchy" music, but Morph does an excellent job of combining the two. And, if you can't sing along to "It Feels Like the End", please check your pulse or get a grip. This is good music."
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

"Another fine release from Progress Records. Morph is a Swedish duo (Attila Bokor: Vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards & Richard Sandstrom: Drums) with a very special approach to the self composed music, which I would call alternative rock/prog with heavier intonations. Their proclaimed inspirations are: Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree & Mew, especially the latter two names shines through in the overall Morph sound-scape. The fantastic vocals and vocal harmony/chorus arrangements immediately leads my thoughts to MEW, while the often very powerful chord schematics are much into the later period Porcupine Tree vein. But you also get some amazing sequences where those 2 styles/band inspirations melt and blend together in perfect harmony (so to speak). As the news letter refers " we wanted to create music that changes the norm, are emotional, without caring about any so called rules!" I´d say that they succeeded in that, big time! I must admit at first listen I thought "OH NO...not another over the hill noisy guitar album!" I eat my words, this album has become another one of my favorite cd´s these days. Actually I find this band (duo) a fresh new breath, a really wonderful album that will stay in my private collection (it's a keeper). Listen after listen paid off, these fine musicians safely let me, the listener get deeper and deeper, layer after layer into the core of this well produced, well delivered outing. The real magic lies in the way that they (Morph) musically seem to blend and change a world of beauty with a world of sinister darkness! I guess they fully live up their name!! My fav tracks? Well I " A Breath Away" or " Wake Up" or... tell you what, the whole album!! Highly recommended to anyone whom liked the above sentences, music references and you with the open mind ! Patience while listening will be rewarded big time!! BUY IT NOW!!
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars