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VIOLENT SILENCE "A broken truce "

" This third release really is Violent Silence´s best effort to date with four fine compositions, all over the 10 minute mark duration, new vocalist Martin Ahlquist has a great voice with a warm, rich and clear tone which suits the music perfectly! The compositions are all stretched over the ten minutes which allows the music to unfold in the most satisfying way, with some very wonderful keyboard themes that soars, twist´s and turn, backed excellently by Hedman´s Drums and solid bass playing Anders Lindskog, the band given plenty of time on each track to do their musical excursions before Ahlquist takes them back on ...ahem...track!! This is an excellent album for lovers (like yours truly) of keyboard drenched music, fine musicianship and superb vocals and vocal harmonies. The music herein is very dynamic without being overblown and energic without being forced! In short, I find it mesmerizing! This album goes straight to my list of the 10 best prog albums of the year!! Ignore this gem at your own peril!! I am saving half a star (the full 5 stars) for their (Hopefully) next album!!"
Rating: 4,5 out of 5 Stars

"Those keys! Oh, those keys!" That is what I say every time I listen to this album. Violent Silence is a band from Sweden with a penchant for unique and proggy music. "A Broken Truce" is their third album, and it actually took about eight years to get it made. That is understandable as the members have been busy in other endeavors. Both Bjorn Westen and Hannes Ljunghall, the primary keyboardists, had been busy with another group called Hidden Lands (if you get a chance to hear them, be sure you do!). So, the band is back together again, and they have come out swinging.

"A Broken Truce" is made up of only four tracks, all of them over ten minutes in length. These "epics", if you will, are lush, full, and never pointless. Indeed, there is no filler here at all. The band's promo sheet says that their music is "detailed", and for once I agree with a promo sheet. This music is layered, meaningful, and always moving, There are so many fragile subtleties that require keen attention in order to appreciate this album fully. Yes, I think headphones are required.

The band has a sound that few share. Active, cymbal-laden drumming meets with deep bass and amazing keys. There are no guitars here as far as I can tell. And you know what? They don't need any. The dual keyboardists sound amazing together, especially since they have such unique synth settings. They sound somewhat spacey, but lush and organic, too. It's a special sound that I just love, and "A Broken Truce" hands down contains some of the best keyboard work of 2013.

The vocalist has an interesting voice that never seems to sound the same. It is somewhat high-pitched, but he manages his voice expertly. He phrases his lines in strangely beautiful fashions, especially on my favorite track "Rim of Clouds". His voice is playful, yet focused; humble, yet confident. It's a voice that grows on you more and more with each listen.

Violent Silence's long-awaited album is no disappointment. It meshes amazing elements with mature ideas and performances to craft one of the most interesting albums of the year. Any serious prog fan should give this a listen."
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

"Extensive songs, a varied musical spectrum, immense arrangements with an intricate character, melody, sensitivity and efficiency are inherent characteristics that define the intentions of an act that exudes imagination in abundance and show no symptoms of complacency, since they don't try to demonstrate, despite its technical and too obvious possibilities, that they are the best musicians, but the creators of a musical broad powers world. As musicians ten ... as artists they exceed any scale. Creators of a vintage flavor and fascinating personality, Violent Silence are the talent, the will, the consistency and imagination that, for a long, long time seemed to be forgotten and neglected."
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

"The Swedish act Violent Silence was formed back in 1999 in Uppsala. Their eponymous debut was released in 2003 followed by Kinetic two years later. On both albums you could hear strong progressive rock music which was very much dominated by keyboards. It seemed that no guitars were allowed to intrude into their music. Although their compositions featured many keyboards, you couldn't say that they made music related to acts such as Emerson, Lake & PalmerRick Wakeman, Gerard, Trace or The Nice. The way they touched the black and white keys was very different compared to those acts. This time the keyboards were played as if they were percussion instruments. Also the sound of the synthesizers was very much related to instruments such as glockenspiel, xylophone or marimba. However after both albums were released, a third album was never actually made...until now.

After hearing the entire album several times I must say that the style of music provided on their back catalogue didn't change that much on this new release. The four long tracks are once again dominated by the keyboards and most of the time the percussive way of playing has remained except for the opening piece Prism Path, where a more common keyboard sound can be heard used by other keyboard acts, including the fine synthesizer solo. The level of the compositions has also remained the same and therefore are once again very enjoyable. 

I can only conclude that after an eight year break, Violent Silence can still release very entertaining albums. Most of all, those who are into keyboard-oriented progressive rock music will cherish A Broken Truce!"
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


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